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Customer Spotlight

  • “…we switched to PrinterLogic and pulled the plug on our 400+ print servers. That decision has saved us millions of dollars on our printer management and provisioning year after year.”
    –The U.S. Department of Homeland Security - CBP
  • “Our print environment was so complex that anytime someone needed to add a printer they had to call support. [With PrinterLogic] users easily install their own printers with just a few clicks.”
    –GH Metal Solutions
  • “PrinterLogic has been so flexible across all of Aon’s printer management projects. It seems like every time we start a new project related to printing, we revisit PrinterLogic to see how they can help.”
  • “Our deployment time for new printers is now incredibly fast. PrinterLogic will save us hundreds of hours in deployment and trouble-shooting time, which will result in an impressive ROI.”
  • "We needed to simplify our environment, but didn't know that eliminating all of our print servers was an option. PrinterLogic was the only solution we found that met all of our needs—and more.”
    –APi Group, Inc.
  • “We have relied on PrinterLogic to help us through all the changes in our print environment. We’ve been using it for 10 years now, and it has worked perfectly the entire time.”
  • “We were just about to upgrade
    our print servers, which would have cost at least $10,000 each. Add that to the other benefits and cost savings, and the ROI of PrinterLogic is nearly instant.”
    –CFCU Community Credit Union
  • “If you have a virtual environment, you simply have to deploy PrinterLogic.
    I don’t know what we did before PrinterLogic.”
  • "Just the reduction in support time spent on printing each month provides an impressive ROI. Not to mention the elimination of future print server upgrades and management costs."
  • “The amount that PrinterLogic saved us in hardware cost is outweighed only by how much time this has saved us. Deployment was incredibly easy, and we’ve reduced help desk calls by over 75 percent.”
    –Zeus Industrial Products