3 Security Tips for Enterprise Document Printing

Posted by Jordan Pusey on September 23rd, 2016

Secure printing is more than just a watchword for modern enterprises. It's an essential practice and an integral part of daily workflows throughout the organization.

At least, it should be. The problem is that secure document printing usually entails a compromise between security and ease of use for the end user, and secure printing solutions don't always integrate seamlessly into existing print environments from an admin standpoint. Coupled with the fact that many organizations are still unaware of what options are available to them when it comes to secure document printing, this has led to some skepticism toward secure print solutions on the part of enterprise community.

To counter some of that skepticism and help enterprises identify the secure printing solutions that are right for them, here are three handy security tips for enterprise document printing:

1. Don't exchange security for ease of use. A door with a hundred locks will soon be rendered ineffective if each of those locks needs to be turned individually every time someone wants to enter or exit. Sure, all those locks sound great in theory – but in real world-use, the added hassle means the door will just get left open for the sake of convenience.

The same applies to secure document printing. Secure printing solutions that require the end user to complete multiple authorization and approval steps are almost worse than no secure print solution at all. PrinterLogic's secure printing solution implements a simple two-step release procedure that easily and organically becomes a part of any printing workflow. Actually, our release printing mechanism gives users greater control over where and how their documents are printed, so they're more likely to make secure document printing their preferred method.

2. Choose a seamless secure print solution. When a secure printing solution is simply bolted onto your existing print environment, that creates gaps that can be exploited by anyone with malicious intent or that could impact ease of use for your employees. Both of those qualities can compromise the integrity of the secure print solution itself.

PrinterLogic's Pull Printing module integrates seamlessly with your print environment and even has the ability to give secure document printing capabilities to printers from any manufacturer – including some legacy devices. That way, secure printing functionality becomes a natural extension of your current and future printing infrastructure.

3. Know your secure document printing options. Best-in-class secure print solutions won't restrict you to a single release protocol. With PrinterLogic, you can choose from three available methods for the one that best suits your requirements:

  • Badge/card reader release: A connected or integrated badge reader works alongside your organization's existing badge system, allowing users to swipe their badge and release the print jobs to the associated printer.
  • Printer control panel release: PrinterLogic's embedded app can be installed directly on supported printers. Users can then login and release their print jobs right from the printer's control panel.
  • Browser-based release: Any device with a browser—from PC/Mac desktops to mobile devices—can access PrinterLogic’s web-based release portal, enabling users to release their print jobs conveniently and securely.

By keeping those three tips in mind, you can add the necessary security to your enterprise document printing without the drawbacks that lesser “secure printing” solutions often involve.

Jordan Pusey
Jordan Pusey
With more than 15 years of product marketing experience, Jordan has been been instrumental in helping IT software companies produce valuable software solutions and achieve growth. From IT desktop operations to infrastructure and security, Jordan has talked and written about sound IT best practices, amazing time and money saving products, and industry trends. At PrinterLogic, he leads the company's product marketing efforts and loves talking about how organizations of all sizes can eliminate the need for print servers.


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