Advantages of Centralized Printing

Posted by Andrew Miller on October 16th, 2015

We get asked quite a bit what the primary benefit of PrinterLogic is. Fact is, PrinterLogic has been consistently proven to bring so many benefits that it’s hard to narrow it down to just one. If pressed, we’d say number one is Eliminate Print Servers and two is centralized printing—if only because both have so many inherent advantages of its own.

If we focus on centralized printing, PrinterLogic’s printing approach does away with the legendary complexities, inefficiencies and incompatibilities of traditional print environments. It puts every printer in your organization—no matter how many printers or physical locations you might have—right at your fingertips with a powerful but intuitive administrator interface that’s accessible from a single pane of glass.

From there you can:

  • Effortlessly manage, update and deploy printer drivers enterprise-wide or organization-wide
  • Deploy printers automatically or manually without resorting to group policy objects (GPOs) or scripts
  • Monitor print queues across the entire organization and purge stuck jobs
  • Customize printer profiles and have the changes pushed out individually or en masse
  • Easily create and deploy printers in virtual sessions such as Citrix or VMware

Centralized printing doesn’t just streamline printer, driver and queue management. It also consolidates oversight. PrinterLogic incorporates at-a-glance auditing and reporting features that allow you to track and quantify printing activity on the basis of printer, user, and print job. That lets you know which employees or departments are the most resource-hungry, providing an opportunity for huge potential savings through the reduction of print consumables.

But that’s just the admin side. Centralized printing has practical advantages that the end user can appreciate too. For example, employees have the ability to perform routine printer installs themselves using PrinterLogic’s straightforward, uniform self-service portal, saving them and you a call to the service desk. Users in Citrix or VMware sessions can have nearby printers automatically installed and dynamically changed to more proximate printers should they roam during the session. Cutting-edge mobile and BYOD users can print to any authorized printer anywhere, at any time, from any device. And security-minded users can release specific print jobs at the physical printer, ensuring private documents stay private.

Better still, PrinterLogic’s centralized printing addresses problems of availability—because centralization doesn’t correspond to a lack of robustness. By allowing you to eliminate print servers altogether, PrinterLogic actually removes single points of failure, so every employee in the organization can keep printing as usual in the event of a WAN outage or if a host server should fail.

Interested in learning about even more benefits of centralized printing? Visit this page, where you can download an informative white paper on how to make the leap to centralized printing and even eliminate print servers through PrinterLogic.

Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller
As Vice President of Marketing for PrinterLogic, it's my privilege to share our Eliminate Print Servers message through our marketing channels. We recently engaged TechValidate to survey our customers. The results were staggering: Almost 100% would recommend PrinterLogic; ROI over 100% for 88% of our customers; 99% report ease of use as great or better; 84% installed our solution in less than 10 days; and much more. Over the coming weeks and months, I will be sharing more results from the survey through our blog. I hope you enjoy the information. Don't hesitate to comment or contact us if you have any questions.


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