August 19, 2015

Centralized Printer Management

When you’re working toward streamlining your enterprise print environment, centralized printer management should be one of the highest priorities on your list. That’s because implementing centralized printer management addresses a number of key areas that are crucial to the process of simplifying and consolidating networked printers.

With central printer management, instead of having to shift between sites with different hardware and individuals with different areas of oversight, you can administer everything from one terminal. That logistical integration alone makes your network printer management more efficient—saving time, manpower and money as a result.

PrinterLogic is developed around the concept of centralized printer management because it’s a sought-after feature in any scenario, regardless of whether you’ve got a highly distributed environment or just a single site. No matter where you or your IT staff happen to be located, PrinterLogic’s intuitive web-based admin console allows you to monitor and control every networked printer in your organization—with or without domains or trusts—from a single pane of glass.

And when we say control, we mean it. Using PrinterLogic’s network printer management software console, you can easily create new printers and then deploy them to end users automatically without the hassle of having to use GPOs, scripts, or print servers. You can delete printers from workstations or entire departments, too, with just as much ease.

Plus you can do everything in between when it comes to network printer management. PrinterLogic lets you drill down to individual printers through hierarchies like country, building, department and floor. Once you’ve selected a printer, you can modify individual settings such as the driver, port, name, duplexing, color, paper type, and so on. Those changes are automatically pushed out to printers on the end-user workstations. You can even set default printer preferences by simply clicking a box.

Want to batch edit properties quickly? Just use the find-and-replace function to change the deployment assignments, drivers, ports, comments, and other variables for hundreds or even thousands of printer objects at once.

This same approach to central printer management also applies to drivers. PrinterLogic also allows you to update drivers individually or en masse. And you can configure detailed parameters such as driver settings and profiles, giving you even more fine-grained control over printers throughout your entire organization.

Whenever we ask our customers to name the biggest advantages PrinterLogic has brought to their organization, nearly all of them cite PrinterLogic’s convenient, consistent window into their network printers and the ability to administer them effortlessly. So if you’re considering centralized printer management as a means to cut costs and simplify your enterprise print environment, then you should opt for the solution that simplifies centralized printer management—PrinterLogic!

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