February 02, 2016

The Challenges of Enterprise Secure Printing

Posted by Devin Anderson

Secure enterprise printing is a hot topic these days, but the phrasing is slightly redundant. Why? Because enterprise printing should be inherently secure.

For all its importance, however, enterprise printing security faces several ongoing challenges, the biggest one being that sophisticated, multi-step security features actually decrease the likelihood of end users taking advantage of them. To put it another way, the more deadbolts and chains you put on a door, the more likely it is that people will just leave it unlocked.

You can see this paradoxical relationship in everyday workplace situations. By now most users are aware that complex alphanumeric passwords prevent unauthorized access of their devices. Yet many of them end up choosing obvious words or phrases for their password (like password!) because they’re easy to remember and enter—making them almost as vulnerable as having no password at all. Therefore it’s not enough just to stress the importance of security in enterprise printing to end users. To be truly effective, enterprise security printing also has to be convenient.

PrinterLogic is renowned for the combination of power and simplicity it brings to enterprise print management. Through its web-based console, for instance, admins can assign and deploy printers individually or en masse anywhere in the enterprise by using familiar visual paradigms like check boxes and device trees. End users can identify and install printers easily using its consistent self-service portal, even in virtual environments. This same accessibility can be seen in the way PrinterLogic implements enterprise secure printing.

With PrinterLogic, printing securely in the enterprise begins just the same as any other print job—by clicking “Print”! However, the job isn’t actually printed until the user deliberately authorizes it through a “pull” or “release” command. That can be issued in one of three ways:

  • The LCD console: Provided the printer is compatible, the dedicated PrinterLogic app can be installed directly on the printer itself. Users can then log in using the printer’s LCD screen and release their print jobs. No additional hardware is required
  • Any Web browser: Users can take advantage of any device capable of running a browser—that means PCs, Macs, Chromebooks and even mobile devices—to access PrinterLogic’s web-based app and release their print jobs
  • A badge/card reader: If your workplace uses a badge system, you can situate a badge reader next to the printer or use the reader that already comes installed on some printers. Employees can then release their print jobs on any printer associated with their badge

Because PrinterLogic makes enterprise security printing so easy, end users will have no reservations about making use of it. That addresses the biggest security challenge in enterprise printing, resulting in fewer confidential documents left on shared printers for all to see.

A smaller but no less significant threat to printing security lies with enterprise print management solutions that use hacks or workarounds to bypass the printer drivers, which creates an unnecessary vulnerability. PrinterLogic allows end users to initiate the print job from any workstation via a specific driver and then complete the print job at a specific printer. No functionality or security is compromised. As a matter fact, that’s a great way to describe PrinterLogic in a nutshell: Enterprise security printing without compromise!

If you are looking to improve, secure, and simplify the printing process in your enterprise, contact us today for a free trial or demo.

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