May 17, 2019

Chromebook Printing Advantages with PrinterLogic

Since around 2014, the popularity of Chromebooks has seen a steady increase—not just in the K-12 educational sector (although they have been pretty dominant there) but also in workplaces where Chromebooks’ unique mix of affordability, easy management and ultra-portability checks all the right boxes. For all their benefits, though, Chromebook printing is one of the issues that has led to hiccups in their adoption. A minimalist, cloud-centric operating system like ChromeOS just isn’t designed for most printers and traditional enterprise printing solutions.

Many organizations end up turning to solutions like Google Cloud Print to act as middleware between their existing print infrastructure and their Chromebooks. That’s fine for those with basic needs, but it’s not always equipped to meet enterprise-level demands. With something as mission critical as printing, organizations need a robust, highly available printing infrastructure, ideally one with effortless centralized management and additional enterprise-grade features like secure printing.

That might seem like a pretty tall order, but it’s one that’s easily met with PrinterLogic’s serverless print infrastructure. Both our on-prem and cloud-based enterprise printing solutions simplify day-to-day Chromebook printing, making it easy for admins to manage how Chromebooks interact with the printer fleet while end users enjoy uncomplicated, reliable printing.

How PrinterLogic simplifies Chromebook printing
Unlike many conventional enterprise printing solutions, PrinterLogic prioritizes seamless integration and flexibility of deployment over commandeering functionality. This means it acts as a crucial enhancement to Chromebook printing rather than a straight-up alternative to Google Cloud print—although it’s certainly powerful and full-featured enough to be implemented in that way too.

As you’d expect from a next-generation Chromebook printing solution like ours, there’s no client-side software or printer-side software to install. None. That means Chromebook users can open a machine for the very first time and start printing to an authorized printer right away without resorting to calling the help desk.

Furthermore, PrinterLogic supports any network printer—including legacy devices. That eliminates the need to buy new printers or specific models that are designed for use with Google Cloud Print. Admins can designate any network printer for Chromebook printing with an ease of configuration that is simply unprecedented in print management.

An emphasis on security and secure printing
Alongside this ease of administration and use, PrinterLogic provides admins with a degree of centralized oversight and control that legacy printing solutions can’t match. For example, using PrinterLogic’s intuitive console, admins can specify precisely which users can print and to which printers—yet they can do so without resorting to the Group Policy Objects (GPOs) and scripts that they’ve traditionally been forced to rely on. With PrinterLogic, you’ll never have to deal with GPOs again.

PrinterLogic’s optional print-and-release method also adds a secure aspect to Chromebook printing. In this scenario, when Chromebook users print, the job is held until they specifically choose to execute it on their desired printer. In addition to being more convenient for highly mobile Chromebook users who rarely print to the same printer twice, this keeps jobs from being left exposed in the output tray. Another option that plays into secure printing is the ability to automatically delete jobs that were not released using this method.

Increasing print availability in your Chromebook environment
If PrinterLogic stopped at increased ease of management and added secure-printing capabilities, that might be enough for some organizations. But our on-premises and cloud-based enterprise printing solutions also ensure a highly available printing infrastructure that can withstand enterprise-scale challenges. In a nutshell, with PrinterLogic, when your users are ready to print, your print infrastructure is too.

With that in mind, we have two Chromebook-related white papers that are worth a read. This one focuses on K-12 environments but has useful information on print-server bottlenecks and other Chromebook-printing issues that apply to enterprise environments. And this one examines Chromebook printing more generally. It highlights the compromises demanded by conventional enterprise printing solutions that can negate the benefits of Chromebook deployments—and how PrinterLogic can help.

Or maybe you’re a hands-on type of person. We get that. Rather than hearing about how great our serverless print infrastructure is for Chromebook printing, you can just try it out in your environment and see. Simply sign up today to test PrinterLogic and all its capabilities absolutely free of charge for 30 days.

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