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Posted by Devin Anderson on August 9th, 2017

Consultants and industry experts are always advising us to simplify. To optimize processes. To do more with less. In IT, that usually that takes the form of infrastructure consolidation—that is, taking a serious look at our hardware and paring it down to its most minimal, efficient state. And in enterprise printing, that involves network printer consolidation and print server elimination.

Though it might seem daunting to organizations that are wedded to a traditional print infrastructure, print server elimination is almost the easier of the two. Thanks to next-generation solutions like PrinterCloud and PrinterLogic's on-premises print management software, eliminating print servers is as easy as rolling out our solution (which, as it happens, is really easy and very quick). The trouble is that effective network printer consolidation requires extensive, real-time information on individual printers as well as the larger print environment. Most print management solutions have enough trouble making network printer configuration as effortless as it is with PrinterLogic, and that ends up deprioritizing print auditing and the detailed insight you need to carry out infrastructure consolidation.

In addition to making network printer configuration and oversight easier than ever, PrinterCloud comes with advanced management features like print auditing and reporting already built in. These are the same powerful, comprehensive print auditing capabilities that have given our on-premise customers macro- and micro-level visibility into their print environments, enabling them to carry out cost-saving infrastructure reduction and network printer consolidation. In fact, a TechValidate study (TVID: 77B-13B-830) showed that 79% of verified PrinterLogic customers that were surveyed had been able to reduce their infrastructure by 30% or more simply by implementing PrinterLogic. And PrinterCloud delivers those same benefits, only in a convenient, cost-effective software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution.

With PrinterCloud's print auditing and reporting capabilities, you can easily determine things like:

  • which network printers see the heaviest and lightest use,
  • how many pages are being printed by user, department or on each printer,
  • who is printing the most in different departments,
  • when certain documents are printed, including those that meet certain search criteria, and
  • what the real-time costs of printing are.

This degree of visibility is hard to obtain, even from specialized auditing solutions, as they don't have the deep-seeded, system-level integration that PrinterCloud does. Not only do you get a window into data points that relate to network printer configuration such as grayscale, duplexing, and users that initiated print jobs, you'll even get specific guidance on network printer consolidation from PrinterCloud.

And because PrinterCloud is a SaaS solution, the only local physical print infrastructure you need is your printers. Even by PrinterLogic's already minimal single-server standards, that can result in an impressive reduction in print-related hardware above and beyond network printer consolidation. That equates to less hardware to purchase, less to operate and maintain, and less to upgrade over the long term. Combined with the time saved through PrinterCloud's intuitive network printer configuration, which allows you to easily adjust default settings and deploy printers dynamically without the need for group policy objects (GPOs) or scripts, the potential ROI should be clear.

Now factor in a reduction in print-related calls to the service desk, greater flexibility of user access, feature extensibility, and higher print availability, and you'll see how PrinterCloud can offer far more cost savings than network printer consolidation alone. Try out the free PrinterCloud demo for yourself and see just how much insight it can provide.

Devin Anderson
Devin Anderson
With nearly 20 years of experience in delivering market leading IT solutions to Fortune 500 companies, Devin prides himself on driving simplicity into products that solve extremely complex IT problems. For years he has been focused on the end-user computing devices and delivering technology that provides valuable services to the end-user which enable them to be their most productive self. As Vice President of Product Management at PrinterLogic, he focuses on increasing the value customers get from the company's Enterprise Printer Management solution.


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