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Posted by Jordan Pusey on January 20th, 2017

Electronic health record (EHR)/electronic medical record (EMR) print management often seems like an impossible dream. EMR systems like Epic and MEDITECH are undoubtedly valuable tools when it comes to accessing and maintaining medical records, but they're also known for turning basic print management into a nightmare scenario. They place rigorous demands on print environments in terms of hardware and workflow, and yet meeting their strict requirements is still no guarantee that Epic or MEDITECH printing will be as straightforward as it needs to be.

PrinterLogic provides a next-generation EMR print management solution that is uniquely suited to solving the fundamental printing problems with EMR systems. Let's start by looking at Epic printing.

In a typical Epic printing environment, each Epic print server (EPS) requires manual intervention when adding, changing or removing printers. This means that a single change for, say, one model of printer has to be repeated for every single EPS – and commonly for every single instance of that printer model on that EPS. Not only is that style of management incredibly tedious, the manual repetition opens the door for typos, oversights and human error. These simple mistakes could prove costly. It's a painfully inefficient and potentially problematic approach to EMR print management.

With PrinterLogic as your Epic printing solution, you immediately have access to centralized management and automatic propagation of changes. Our solution's web-based management portal allows you to administer your entire print environment—no matter how distributed—from a single pane of glass, and any changes you make can be instantly synchronized across any number of EPSs throughout your organization. That saves time and reduces the likelihood of mistakes, as OhioHealth discovered when simplifying its Epic printing environment by deploying PrinterLogic's print management software.

But PrinterLogic's EMR print management solution is capable of even more than that in an Epic printing environment. Our solution enabled a large integrated healthcare delivery system organization like Guthrie to begin eliminating its print servers altogether. And by eliminating their Windows print servers, PrinterLogic eliminated their costs of purchase, operation and maintenance – not to mention their single points of failure.

PrinterLogic is equally effective with MEDITECH printing. As with Epic printing, despite very tight hardware and software parameters, MEDITECH doesn't always work well in distributed or heterogeneous environments, which is something the multi-site Princeton Community Hospital in West Virginia can attest to. However, after installing PrinterLogic, Princeton Community Hospital restored order to its EMR print management and gained some welcome features to boot. Such as:

  • Intuitive, user-initiated printer installations
  • Unprecedented print availability and uptime
  • Effortless centralized management of printers and drivers

Implementing PrinterLogic in your MEDITECH or Epic printing environment takes the complexity and chaos out of EMR print management—even in distributed organizations with hundreds or thousands of printers. By saving time, headache and ultimately costs through its small footprint and ease of use, it enables healthcare organizations to stop devoting so much effort to delivering basic Epic or MEDITECH printing to end users and instead focus on delivering superior service to their customers.

Jordan Pusey
Jordan Pusey
With more than 15 years of product marketing experience, Jordan has been been instrumental in helping IT software companies produce valuable software solutions and achieve growth. From IT desktop operations to infrastructure and security, Jordan has talked and written about sound IT best practices, amazing time and money saving products, and industry trends. At PrinterLogic, he leads the company's product marketing efforts and loves talking about how organizations of all sizes can eliminate the need for print servers.


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