Finally, SMBs Can Eliminate Print Servers Too

Posted by Devin Anderson on January 17th, 2017

When we launched our Printer Installer product more than three years ago, we had what turned out to be a revolutionary idea—that in order to minimize the print-related issues IT staff faced every day, enterprises would need to eliminate their print servers. We built an enterprise print management solution that did just that, and since then we’ve helped thousands of enterprises eliminate their print servers, reduce the complexity of print management and significantly cut their printing costs.

But over the years, one thing became abundantly clear. Larger enterprises aren’t the only ones who have to deal with the pains of business printing. Small and medium businesses—though they may not have the same number of printers, locations or servers to manage—still have incredibly complex print environments that require constant firefighting, which they don’t have time for.

SMB IT pros, just like their large enterprise counterparts, receive far too many print-related help desk calls, and they need a self-service printer installation tool that simplifies their users’ experiences, while still giving them full control. They need simple solutions to deploy printer drivers and manage printers. And as their companies grow, they find themselves in need of full-featured, enterprise-grade print management solutions. But these solutions are typically too complex, time consuming, and expensive for SMBs.

We didn’t think that was right.

So today we’ve introduced PrinterCloud, a Cloud-based print management solution purpose-built for SMBs who need quick, powerful control of their print environment without additional infrastructure. PrinterCloud brings the power of enterprise-grade print management—including printer driver deployment, centrally managed direct IP printing, print job auditing and reporting, and self-service printer installation—to SMBs, without the complexity and hassle. Click here to learn more about PrinterCloud.

So what can PrinterCloud enable for your organization? PrinterCloud simplifies print management and makes truly enterprise-grade capabilities accessible to everyone. This provides SMBs with:

Centralized Management

  • Print Queue Migration Tool
  • IP and Name Change Control
  • Driver change management
  • Printer Profile Enforcement

Printer Driver Deployment

  • Eliminate Scripting & GPO’s
  • Self-Service Installation Portal
  • Proximity Based Deployment
  • Active Directory & Hostname

Administration Controls

  • Print Queue Management
  • SNMP Monitoring and Alerts
  • Workstation Usage Records
  • Role Based Access Control

Advanced Management

  • Browser Based Secure Printing
  • Print Job Auditing and Costing
  • Data Manager & Mass Updates
  • Print & Server High Availability

Virtual Environment Support

  • Virtual Driver Management
  • Citrix Session Fat Clients
  • Citrix Session Zero Clients
  • Golden Image Deployment

As you can see, PrinterCloud offers enterprise-class print management to SMB IT professionals while still enabling you to eliminate print servers. It provides easy management with a simple interface, eliminates the need for scripting and GPOs, provides a self-service installation portal with floor plan maps and provides easy implementation that takes minutes, not weeks.

We’ve helped thousands of large enterprises eliminate their print servers, enhance their print management capabilities, and reduce costs. And we’re excited to be able to bring these benefits to SMBs in an efficient and cost-effective manner, too.

Give it a shot today – we think you’ll realize the benefits right away. And it costs nothing to get started, just visit and click “Start Trial.”

Devin Anderson
Devin Anderson
With nearly 20 years of experience in delivering market leading IT solutions to Fortune 500 companies, Devin prides himself on driving simplicity into products that solve extremely complex IT problems. For years he has been focused on the end-user computing devices and delivering technology that provides valuable services to the end-user which enable them to be their most productive self. As Vice President of Product Management at PrinterLogic, he focuses on increasing the value customers get from the company's Enterprise Printer Management solution.


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