How to Manage Print Servers in an Epic Environment

Posted by Chris Summerhays on November 16th, 2016

Managing printers in an Epic environment can be rather tricky. In common Epic setups in hospitals and healthcare organizations, there are multiple print servers on which you need to have the printers installed. You also need to have a copy of each printer on each Epic print server. This means that if you have 2,000 printers, each print server has all 2,000 printers and their drivers. This can cause major headaches when it comes to being able to manage or update these printers and drivers.

Normally, if you were to add or modify a printer in an Epic environment, you would need to log into each Epic print server individually and set up or change the printer on each printer server manually. This can be time consuming and tedious, and it dramatically increases the chances of making a mistake during the setup or management process. Not only can these basic human errors lead to prolonged troubleshooting down the road, they can also result in the resource drain that comes with additional print-related calls to the service desk.

However, most of these painful Epic print management problems have a simple and cost-effective remedy: PrinterLogic. Our next-generation print management solution integrates seamlessly with even the most unique and distributed Epic environments, giving you the ability to easily create printers within a centralized management console. Once a printer is created, you can then deploy or push that printer to the print servers automatically by means of the server name or the IP address. This enables you to manage and update printers as well as drivers on all of your Epic print servers by simply updating the information in one centralized location that you can access from any web browser. What used to take several hours and multiple manual configurations becomes a quick and easy batch edit. The experience of OhioHealth can attest to how streamlined print management becomes when using PrinterLogic in an Epic environment.

The challenges of Epic print environments also make it difficult to meet the printing needs of mobile employees. PrinterLogic's Mobile Printing functionality allows you to securely provide printing capabilities to your mobile, guest and BYOD users without the usual hassle of custom setup hurdles. And PrinterLogic's intuitive self-service portal allows your roaming users to easily identify and install nearby printers themselves with a single click. No call to the service desk is necessary.

Epic print servers aren't easy to manage on their own, but once you've deployed PrinterLogic, you no longer have to struggle with their shortcomings. PrinterLogic facilitates print management across the organization with a set of powerful tools, easy-to-use features and fundamental enhancements that make managing print servers in an Epic environment as streamlined as print management ought to be.

Chris Summerhays
Chris Summerhays
Before becoming PrinterLogic's Technical Product Manager, Chris spent more than four years as a Technical Product Engineer, Systems Engineer, and Sales Engineer—working side by side with IT professionals to eliminate print servers from their environment. He has a B.S. degree in Information Technology and loves learning about all of the new and innovating solutions that continue to revolutionize the IT industry.


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