October 28, 2015

How Print Management Services Can Reduce Printing Costs

Posted by Andrew Miller

Your print management services have a closer relationship to your organization’s bottom line than you might think. Just consider some of the ongoing expenses that are associated with your existing print environment:

  • Waste of print consumables (e.g., toner, paper)
  • High costs of purchasing, deploying and maintaining servers and endpoint devices
  • Hours spent on print-related service desk calls—for users as well as IT staff
  • Lost productivity due to printer downtime and print service interruptions
  • Excessive time and resources devoted to deployment along with printer and driver management

And those are only the major ones. Add them up in dollar terms and it will likely amount to a shockingly high figure—which is money that your organization could be saving or allocating to other areas. The problem is, conventional print management services don’t address these issues in a systematic way. These preventable costs have become an accepted part of the status quo.

It doesn’t have to be like that. Forward-thinking print management services like PrinterLogic can reduce printing costs dramatically.

As a matter of fact, we have the stats to prove it. Multiple surveys conducted by an independent third party have shown that our customers experienced reductions of as much as 90% in areas such as remote server infrastructure, time spent on print management, calls to the service desk, and printer downtime just by installing PrinterLogic.

How is that possible? In a nutshell: simplicity. PrinterLogic has been carefully designed and optimized to accomplish much more with fewer resources and greater ease of use. So, for example, PrinterLogic’s powerful print management services can replicate all the functionality of print servers using only a fraction of their infrastructure. That allows organizations of any size to eliminate print servers entirely—along with their attendant costs of maintenance, upgrade, and eventual replacement.

PrinterLogic also features comprehensive auditing as part of its available print management services. That gives you detailed insight into precisely what users are printing and to which printers throughout the entire enterprise. This increased visibility has allowed organizations both large and small to tackle runaway costs of print consumables, frequently resulting in enterprise-wide drops of 50–70% when it comes to usage.

Even PrinterLogic’s most advanced print management services allow organizations to save costs. Take our Mobile Printing solution. It allows organizations to equip their mobile workforce and BYOD employees and guests with email-to-print capabilities for effortless printing anywhere, anytime, from any device. But PrinterLogic makes no additional hardware demands for this feature, so you can retain your legacy printers while remaining on the cutting edge of enterprise printing technology.

And, as you might expect, routine printer management gets infinitely easier with PrinterLogic. Our self-service portal allows users to install printers themselves with little more than a click, saving countless calls to the service desk for walkthroughs and troubleshooting. For admins, PrinterLogic’s centralized management gives you at-a-glance control over every printer in the organization via a single pane of glass. Additional features like automated deployment and streamlined driver management can save dozens—or more—of man hours per month.

Don’t resign yourself to the usual costs associated with enterprise printing. Go ahead—give PrinterLogic a try free for 30 days and see how much you save.

Interested in eliminating all of your print servers?

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