Is It Time to Switch to an Enterprise Cloud Printing Solution?

Posted by Devin Anderson on December 20th, 2017

Even with all the hype over cloud computing, there's still some wariness toward cloud-based solutions in the enterprise. Though many organizations were quick to migrate to cloud storage and backup solutions on account of their obvious benefits, fewer organizations have been as keen to follow their pioneering peers into adopting cloud-based software and communications suites. And there's a lingering sense that core solutions like enterprise cloud printing still need some time to mature before they're ready for adoption in a fast-paced production environment.

At PrinterLogic, we totally understand the basis for that apprehension. We've seen competing cloud printing solutions in action and studied their many drawbacks. We've talked to enterprise-level organizations about what they feel is missing from the enterprise cloud printing landscape and what they'd like to see in a software cloud print service. We've heard our own customers lavish praise our on-premises print management solution and wondered if it was possible to replicate that best-in-class experience in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) cloud printing solution.

In response, we developed PrinterCloud, which we think will not only change your mind about enterprise cloud printing but make an airtight argument about why it's high time for your organization to switch.

First, some background. As we looked at other cloud printing paradigms, we always came back to their Achilles heel—WAN reliance. Unlike, say, cloud storage, which allows you save a local copy of a file that will sync with the cloud server once WAN access is restored, you don't have that luxury with enterprise cloud printing. It has to be an instant, always-on service. If the WAN connection is interrupted, print availability and productivity suffer as a result.

But what if you could have all the benefits of cloud printing—things like zero local footprint, a cost-effective SaaS model, secure centralized administration from anywhere, plus incredible flexibility—without the WAN vulnerability? What if you didn't have to compromise on powerful administrative control for the convenience of the cloud? What if it were a software cloud print service that could be implemented quickly and reliably, even in complex virtual environments like Citrix and VMware?

That's PrinterCloud.

PrinterCloud is built on the same software platform as our next-generation on-premises print management solution, which combines the proven reliability of direct IP printing with the ease and power of centralized management. It's a single, highly scalable software solution that delivers unprecedented print availability, seamless integration with any environment, incredible ease of use for admins and end users alike, and a streamlined approach to print management that saves time and ultimately costs.

And, like its on-premises counterpart, PrinterCloud is robust enough to eliminate the need for print servers entirely, enabling your organization to replace the expensive tangle of traditional print management hardware with one software cloud print service.

While all that amounts to a compelling reason to switch to our cloud printing solution, we don't do anything by halves. That's why PrinterCloud also offers Mobile Printing functionality to deliver cutting-edge mobile printing capabilities to all of your organization's mobile users, including BYOD users and guests, with no need for special client-side software. In addition, PrinterCloud offers Pull Printing for enhanced security protocols that are intuitive enough for end users to incorporate into their workflow instead of finding ways to work around them.

So is it time to switch to enterprise cloud printing? With PrinterCloud, it just got a lot harder to justify sticking with the status quo. No traditional on-premises print management solution comes close to providing the same cost-effectiveness, features and reliability. Give it a try free for 30 days and see.

Devin Anderson
Devin Anderson
With nearly 20 years of experience in delivering market leading IT solutions to Fortune 500 companies, Devin prides himself on driving simplicity into products that solve extremely complex IT problems. For years he has been focused on the end-user computing devices and delivering technology that provides valuable services to the end-user which enable them to be their most productive self. As Vice President of Product Management at PrinterLogic, he focuses on increasing the value customers get from the company's Enterprise Printer Management solution.


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