Liberating Virtual Users to Print How/Where/When They Want

Posted by Mark Moon on August 20th, 2015

In my previous post Managing Print Drivers in VMware Virtual Desktops I discussed how to install and manage the PrinterLogic client on a virtual desktop, and the ability to automatically deploy printers to users based on their physical location. Today, I would like to discuss how to incorporate Pull/Follow Printing within a virtual desktop environment.

Pull/Follow Printing allows a user to print a document, and rather than having that document sent directly to the printer, it is held by the PrinterLogic release portal. When the user is ready to release their print job they have a range of options, e.g. Browser-Based Release, Printer Console Release, or RFID Badge/Card Reader Release. One of the greatest benefits of these multiple release mechanisms is that PrinterLogic can provide a solution to work with any of the printers you have already purchased.

Let’s walk through a typical scenario.

Scott is a recruiter who is working remotely on his virtual desktop, he has a contract prepared for a new prospect that he will be extending an offer to tomorrow morning. Scott does not want to have the document printed out on his office printer right now due to its confidential nature and because he is working remotely. Instead, Scott decides to send the print job to his pull printer and have the job held until he gets to the office. Upon arriving at the office, he walks up to an available printer and swipes his user badge, he is then able to see the document and choose to then release the document.

This is just one of the many similar scenarios we see every day with the companies we work with at PrinterLogic. Specifically in the virtual environment users have become increasingly mobile and no longer want to be tied down to a few specific printers. In the virtual environment users are not able to only connect from any device now, but in conjunction with PrinterLogic Pull/Follow Printing, users can have the flexibility of printing to any printer they want, without having to go install every printer to that device. To top it off, those devices do not need to be enrolled in an MDM program for PrinterLogic to work!

Be sure to check back for my next post, "Technical Deep Dive: Virtual Desktops and Pull/Follow Printing," where we will talk more on the technical architecture of the PrinterLogic Pull/Follow Print solution.

Remember, PrinterLogic can not only give you the ability to enhance and greatly simplify printing in your virtual environment, but we can give you the same benefits and ease of use in your physical environment as well. See how PrinterLogic can benefit you and your users by requesting a free demo here.

Mark Moon
Mark Moon


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