February 11, 2019

Print Management in a Hybrid Environment

Hybrid print environments can take many forms. For instance, one hybrid environment might comprise a mix of new and legacy printing devices. Another might be a combination of mobile and desktop users. Yet another hybrid environment might use a patchwork of printing software or print-management services to serve the unique requirements of different user pools. It’s not uncommon for some hybrid environments to include a little bit of all of the above.

As workplaces move away from traditional desk-based models and become more varied as a result, hybrid environments are increasingly the rule rather than the exception. That inevitably creates problems for IT, where standardization is the typically the most efficient and most reliable way to administer the organization’s hardware and software infrastructure.

But standardizing your print-management services can be difficult when your managed print environment is a kaleidoscope of printer makes and models interfacing with different operating systems, different types of client devices and different kinds of users.

That last item is an especially important one, because one of the biggest challenges to pain-free print management is user acceptance. Adopting a uniform printing software solution might be welcomed by the IT staff, but if it means that your end users have to compromise functionality or jump through extra hoops, that solution can quickly turn counterproductive. Users who are frustrated or confused (or both) by printing will invariably call the help desk. Instead of handling the organization’s managed print environment in a proactive way, admins and support staff will then be stuck reacting to printer issues and support tickets.

PrinterLogic’s Solution for Hybrid Managed Print Environments
The ideal printing software solution should be easy to administer, transparent to the end user and improve the print workflow—irrespective of front-of-house variables like OS, department, client type or printer model. It should allow an organization to streamline infrastructure without sacrificing functionality. It should enable admins to oversee and maintain their managed print environments from a single pane of glass. It should provide powerful print-management services and advanced capabilities without resulting in a lumbering Frankenstein of add-ons and third-party software.

Simply put, the perfect print-management solution for today’s hybrid environments is one that unifies and streamlines the print environment while also providing infinite scalability, incredible user-friendliness for admins as well as end users, and next-generation features like mobile and secure pull printing.

That’s PrinterLogic.

Our serverless print-management software allows organizations to eliminate print servers completely from their managed print environments, putting an end to the need to deploy, operate, maintain and upgrade remote print infrastructure. At the same time, it integrates seamlessly with any existing printer fleet and many print-management services, even in complex Citrix and VMware virtual environments, which allows for quick, smooth initial migrations followed by effortless administration from that point on.

The Unique Benefits of PrinterLogic
PrinterLogic’s enterprise printing software—both our SaaS PrinterCloud solution and its on-premises counterpart—combines next-generation centralized management with the proven reliability of direct-IP printing. That means:

  • Unlike conventional direct-IP environments, admins are freed from the hassle of establishing every single client–printer connection. And unlike common alternatives to direct IP, PrinterLogic’s serverless platform has the ability to eliminate print servers entirely and remove their single points of failure.
  • Admins and even authorized support staff can deploy printers and drivers according to criteria like Active Directory (AD) attributes, IP address ranges and MAC addresses—without ever having to rely on GPOs or scripts.
  • End users can install printers themselves through PrinterLogic’s self-service installation portal. Instead of choosing from long lists of printers, which increases the risk of incorrect installs, they can identify nearby printers using the optional floor plan maps and then install them with just one click.

For hybrid managed print environments that have a need for mobility and security, PrinterLogic offers modules that natively augment our core solution:

  • Mobile printing enables users with any mobile device, regardless of OS, to print to authorized printers. There’s no client-side software to install, and it works with any new or legacy network printer. Mobile, BYOD and guest users can therefore print quickly, reliably and easily to on-location printers no matter where they happen to be.
  • Secure pull printing creates a two-step print-and-release workflow to ensure that end users are physically present to claim their jobs. Release options include CAC/PIV, badge or card readers, the printer control panel and any configured browser-based device. In addition, PrinterLogic’s mobile release app allows for a secure, convenient pull-printing release mechanism without having to invest in any dedicated print-release infrastructure.

Despite the nuances and complexities of hybrid environments, PrinterLogic removes the barriers that make it so difficult for managed print environments to adapt. While realizing time and cost savings through their ability to eliminate print servers, our printing-software solutions empower end users, increase organizations’ flexibility and equip them with a feature-rich enterprise-grade print-management platform.

To see firsthand how PrinterLogic can unify and enhance your own hybrid print environment, download a free 30-day trial today.

Interested in eliminating all of your print servers?

We deliver a highly available Serverless Printing Infrastructure using a centrally managed Direct IP printing platform. If you want to empower end users with mobile printing, secure release printing, and many advanced features, we’d love to show you how.

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Brian Wistisen

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