November 17, 2016

Print Management Solutions for Schools

Education printing solutions have a lot in common with enterprise printing solutions. They need to be reliable, cost-effective and provide ease of use to both administrators and end users. At the same time, print management solutions for universities and schools need to account for a very different print environment because teachers and students are very different kinds of end users.

  • Students are mobile: Whether moving from classroom to classroom or between different buildings across campus, there is one constant about students: They’re always on the go. That presents an unusual printing challenge, because the printers students need to access will be constantly changing. Also, both students and teachers are much more likely to send jobs to printers where they are going to be—such as in their next classroom or lab—rather than where they currently are. Print management solutions for universities and other educational institutions have to account for this kind of highly mobile, location-shifted printing.
  • High-volume printing is routine: When a teacher prints out a worksheet, the number of copies of that worksheet is invariably multiplied by the number of students in the class. When students print, it’s not uncommon for them to end up printing thick stacks of research information, course materials or reports. Not only do the printers have to be able to stand up to these high-intensity, high-volume jobs, the queue mechanisms have to as well. Yet print servers can buckle under this print activity, making them poor education printing solutions.
  • The user base is constantly shifting: Even though individual students generally remain at an educational institution for several years, each year brings a fresh crop of new students and waves off an outgoing crop of graduates. IT departments are under immense pressure to stay on top of this dynamic environment by creating or deleting user accounts, reassigning hardware, and so on. Print management is a significant and time-consuming part of that process.
  • Security is a huge priority, but so is speed: In many universities, students and teachers will have codes or badges to ensure authorized printer use. But these necessary authentication protocols are often at odds with their need to retrieve print jobs immediately. Most print management solutions for universities, if they even consider this issue at all, do a poor job of striking the right balance between security and speed.

Thanks to its versatility, stability, ease of management, and convenient security features, PrinterLogic is the one print management solution that lives up to these unique demands placed on education print environments while delivering all the cost benefits and efficiencies you would expect from enterprise printing solutions.

PrinterLogic provides centralized management, so that no matter how dynamic your educational institution is, a single pane of glass gives you a clear window into your entire print environment—and powerful tools to administer it. Its direct IP printing backbone does away with print servers and crash-prone spoolers, supplying your end users with the robust, 24-7 printing availability they need during late-night cram sessions or when making last-minute printouts just before the bell.

And because it doesn’t rely on group policy objects (GPOs) or custom scripts to deliver targeted deployments, you can get the right printer to the right user or department without having to deal with rights hierarchies. Its self-service portal even allows end users to install printers themselves with a single click, saving them (and you) a call to the service desk.

Furthermore, unlike traditional education printing solutions, PrinterLogic has additional Secure Printing and Mobile Printing solutions that combine functionality with convenience. With Mobile Printing, for instance, students and teachers can print to any authorized PrinterLogic printer from any mobile device without having to install any clients or drivers. Secure Printing enables easy printer authentication and three different release methods, even in mixed-OS environments. Features like these make PrinterLogic not only one of the best print management solutions for universities but also the leading print management solution for any organization.

Interested in eliminating all of your print servers?

We deliver a highly available Serverless Printing Infrastructure using a centrally managed Direct IP printing platform. If you want to empower end users with mobile printing, secure release printing, and many advanced features, we’d love to show you how.

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