Print Servers Not Working? Eliminate Them!

Posted by Sal Gamez on December 17th, 2018

When you develop a next-generation print-management solution like PrinterLogic, you end up hearing your share of print-server horror stories. From disappearing and “ghost” printers to spooler crashes because of driver and software conflicts, the list of potential problems is as long as a high-volume print queue. And in VMware and Citrix printing environments, that list can grow even longer as a result of the fundamental complexity of virtual infrastructures.

If the problems with print servers were confined to a failed print job or a botched printer installation every now and then, maybe they wouldn’t be so bad. With print servers, however, the issues have a tendency to be wide-ranging and recurrent. Sure, the first sign of trouble might be a user clicking “Print” and nothing happening. But then that user (with justifiable exasperation) contacts the help desk, and then a support ticket is created, and then someone from the IT staff has to devote time and energy to troubleshooting and resolving the case. And then, and then...

That’s how a tiny print-server hiccup can spiral into a time and productivity vortex. Depending on the severity of the issue, several minutes or hours can pass before printing is able to resume, and in cases of corrupted drivers or print queues, the trouble might have spread to affect other users in the meantime.

As much hassle as print servers are, as much time and money as they waste, we can only wonder why organizations keep going back to them like they're the only game in town. Today, there are superior alternatives like PrinterLogic.

Our efficient and powerful print-management solution allows organizations of any size, sector or structure to eliminate print servers completely while enjoying increased uptime and advanced features like pull printing—even in tricky virtual environments where VMware or Citrix printing is a must. Despite its minimal footprint, PrinterLogic provides organizations from the SMB to the enterprise scale with enhanced printing functionality and increased ease of use.

By migrating away from print servers to PrinterLogic, you gain:

  • Centralized printer administration: Monitor and manage the entire print environment—no matter how distributed your organization happens to be—from a single pane of glass. Our web-based management console has a convenient and feature-rich GUI that allows admins to perform most functions with only a few clicks. Setting one-time or permanent default printers, for example, is as easy as ticking a checkbox, whether it’s for a single user or an entire department.
  • End-user empowerment: Your end users are more self-sufficient than you might think. PrinterLogic's intuitive, consistent self-service portal provides floor plan maps that give end users the ability to easily locate and conveniently install nearby printers without ever having to call the service desk. That cuts down on incoming tickets and support costs.
  • Streamlined print management: Stop struggling with Group Policy Objects (GPOs) and scripts to achieve targeted and reliable printer deployments and installations. PrinterLogic's print-management solution allows for advanced configurations that consistently deliver the right printers to the right users based on a set of precise criteria. Even challenging VMware and Citrix printing environments experience the same benefits.
  • Advanced printing tools: Modern workplaces are dynamic and value security. Sometimes those qualities are at odds with each other, but not with PrinterLogic. Our optional pull printing and mobile printing modules integrate seamlessly with your print environment to bring your entire organization ease of use and control. With pull printing, users have more flexibility to choose their destination printer while gaining practical secure-printing options at the same time.

So the next time a print server crashes, fails to show all associated printers or just stops working altogether, rest assured that you no longer have to continue down the same path. Whether you’re a global Citrix printing shop or a managed service provider (MSP) with dozens of small clients, you’ve got choices. With PrinterLogic’s print-management solution, you can eliminate print servers—plus all their attendant costs and headaches—while adding dynamic printer deployment capabilities and new features like pull printing to your organization's print environment.

We offer a full-featured one-month trial and a print-server migration tool to help you test our product in your environment. Sign up for a free PrinterLogic demo and see what’s possible when you eliminate print servers.

Sal Gamez
Sal Gamez
Sal Gamez is a Product Owner at PrinterLogic, where he works with software developers on new product specifications and the Agile-based execution of those plans. His career path includes 12 years in product support and customer-support management. Sal has extensive experience in software integration and has managed deployment projects calling for full integration on all Windows OS platforms. He has worked with giants like NASA and AIG—helping to build customized software projects that use cluster environments, single sign-on, load balancers, and enterprise network switches. He holds a Microsoft Engineering (MCSE) certificate of completion, as well as a Cisco Network Associate (CCNA) certificate of completion.


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