October 17, 2019

Reduce IT Support and Help-Desk Calls Through Infrastructure Reduction

Over time, enterprise print environments can turn into big, unwieldy beasts. Printer fleets have a tendency to keep growing. The number of print servers keeps increasing to scale. And then, of course, sometimes you need multiple IT printing solutions to handle specialized tasks.

The larger and denser our print environments become, the more complex they get. That complexity takes its toll on productivity because there are more things to go wrong. It also ends up costing money. Each time something goes wrong, resources have to be diverted to fix it.

Infrastructure reduction is the obvious way to solve all that complexity. But how is infrastructure reduction possible in a world where print servers are the status quo? If you start taking away print servers, that only increases the strain on the ones that are left. And that will only compound your organization’s printing problems.

Next-gen serverless printing solutions like PrinterLogic enable you to eliminate print servers without risk or drawbacks. You can have even more availability, scalability and features than ever before while streamlining your print infrastructure.

That’s what leads to the added benefits of infrastructure reduction. When you use PrinterLogic’s serverless printing solution, you don’t just get rid of unnecessary software and hardware. You get unparalleled ease of use for admins and end users alike. That saves time—and money—in a big way.


Optimize Print Infrastructure 

When IT pros think about eliminating print servers, they often focus on the functionality they think they’ll lose. Instead, it’s better to think of all the ways print servers complicate day-to-day printing. Single points of failure. Poor driver management. Complex printer installation procedures. Unreliable deployments with unreliable GPOs and scripts.

Put in those terms, you can see how eliminating print servers can actually remove the many barriers they pose to printing.

PrinterLogic’s serverless printing solutions provide all the functionality of standard IT printing solutions without all their baggage. With those issues gone, end users have a more stable, predictable printing experience. They don’t need to call the help desk for assistance all the time.


Reduce Costs 

Streamlining the print environment through infrastructure reduction means there’s less for admins to oversee and maintain. There’s less to upgrade, less to license. All of that saves ongoing costs. And those savings add up quickly.

It’s also got knock-on effects. When admins aren’t putting out fires and dealing with support tickets, they can spend time making the print environment even more efficient. That leads to even fewer help-desk calls, which continues to free up the support staff to focus on further optimizations. Which then makes things even better for the end users.

The added bonus of that positive loop? All of that saved time and efficiency becomes another source of cost savings.


Enjoy More Features 

To get more features from legacy IT printing solutions, you typically have to add more solutions to the mix. That creates more to manage and more potential for incompatibility.

PrinterLogic is so feature rich that you can consolidate your entire print environment in a single software solution. Its centralized admin console lets you monitor and manage the entire print environment from a single pane of glass. From that one portal you can configure advanced printer deployments without ever touching a GPO or script.

The core of our serverless printing solutions can be easily augmented too. PrinterLogic’s mobile printing functionality offers native printing from iOS and Android devices. It even supports guest and BYOD devices through multiple print methods.

And mobile printing is just one example of how extensible PrinterLogic can be. Its optional feature set also includes easy secure release printing and advanced reporting.


Cost Savings in Action

AAA Carolinas’ experience is a great example of how PrinterLogic’s strengths work together to maximize the benefits of infrastructure reduction. This large, distributed organization rolled out PrinterLogic to its 2,000 users almost overnight. Migrating eliminated aging print servers, realized cost savings on several fronts and simplified routine printer installations. Print-related support calls dropped by as many as 50 per week (read the case study here.) 

To find out how easy and cost-effective infrastructure reduction can be, start your free trial of PrinterLogic today. By demoing our on-prem or SaaS serverless printing solutions as a proof of concept, you’ll see how a single instance of PrinterLogic can replace a bunch of unnecessary hardware and software. And you’ll also get a taster of the impressive ROI it can generate in the long term.

Interested in eliminating all of your print servers?

We deliver a highly available Serverless Printing Infrastructure using a centrally managed Direct IP printing platform. If you want to empower end users with mobile printing, secure release printing, and many advanced features, we’d love to show you how.

Serverless printing is just one quick demo away.

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Neil Thomas

Neil is a Senior Product Manager at PrinterLogic. He has 20+ years of experience in technology firms such as Apple Computer, Avocent, Barclays Bank, and Logica. Born in London, Neil studied History at Reading University and then moved into the emerging field of technology and software design. He has held a variety of high-profile roles in Senior Management, Product Management and Business Transformation. Neil loves exploring Southern Utah and is involved in local historical preservation movements, including restoring his own 1860s pioneer home to its original glory.
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