January 20, 2016

Reduce Printing Costs with Effective Print Management Software

Posted by Devin Anderson

Many organizations begin researching print management solutions because they want to eliminate (or avoid) print servers and introduce greater efficiency and simplicity into their print environment. That could be through features such as centralized administration, user self-service, comprehensive auditing tools—or better still, a combination of all of the above, which network print management software like PrinterLogic is uniquely able to deliver.

The best print management software is capable of leveraging these features in a synergistic way so that they reduce printing costs and increase return on investment (ROI) too. What often goes unrecognized is that it takes a holistic system to generate maximum cost savings. A piecemeal approach through one or two discrete print management solutions that are limited in scope and function will only result in piecemeal cost reductions—not counting the fact that each solution also requires a separate investment.

In multiple case studies conducted by the independent research firm TechValidate, PrinterLogic has been shown to be a print management solution that reduces printing costs and commonly generates ROI of close to 200% or more. More than a few organizations have actually reported ROI as high as 500%. This comes down to both the breadth and depth of PrinterLogic as a print management solution. Not only does it span the entire enterprise, it achieves optimal efficiency in multiple areas:

  • Centralized administration: Effortlessly manage, edit, create and remove printers across the enterprise—no matter how distributed the print environment—through a single pane of glass. PrinterLogic is true network print management software that gives you full visibility into and control over every printer in the organization, ultimately saving countless hours previously spent grappling with the finer points of printer management.
  • User self-service: By empowering end-users of all skill levels with an intuitive self-service portal, PrinterLogic enables them to easily view, identify and install nearby printers themselves. This feature results in a profound reduction of printer-related calls to the service desk, thereby saving time and boosting employees’ productivity.
  • Elimination of print servers: Print servers aren’t just fancy boxes that take up space in your server room. They cost money to install, maintain, upgrade and replace. PrinterLogic enables you to eliminate print servers altogether, simultaneously eliminating all those financial outlays as a result.
  • Comprehensive auditing: PrinterLogic provides a crystal-clear window onto all aspects of your print environment—including the quantifiable details of page counts, ink and toner usage, and more. This alone can account for massive reductions in printing costs, as it provides a basis to monitor and address individuals and departments that are responsible for overuse of consumables.
  • Near-zero downtime: In its ability to remove single points of failure and practically put an end to print-halting issues like driver conflicts, orphaned printers and stuck jobs, PrinterLogic provides your organization with a print environment that is synonymous with rock-solid reliability. Less downtime means more revenue and fewer costs devoted to troubleshooting.

Thanks to the above features (plus many, many more), a number of our customers have gone on record stating that PrinterLogic is hands down the best print management software they’ve ever used. PrinterLogic’s speed of deployment and incredible ease of use account are as much to credit as its effectiveness in drastically reducing printing costs for enterprises of all kinds. Contact us today for a demo or 30 day free trial to see if PrinterLogic can help reduce your company’s printing costs.

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