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Posted by Jordan Pusey on January 13th, 2016

Secure document printing is much like the day I decided to replace my car stereo. After following the instructions, I found that modifying the dashboard with a radio not intended to fit in the space left an ugly gap. I was also disappointed in the functionality of the radio, which confused most users and strayed from the typical usability of a car stereo. There are instances when the valet thought he was turning off the radio, but simply managed to put the sound into the upper left speaker full blast and turned down the bass.

This experience made me vow never to stray from the factory installed options on a car. They function great and they are designed to seamlessly integrate into dashboard giving the car the best functionality and look.

Secure document printing as a point solution feels like that aftermarket radio, an afterthought that has limited functionality and leaves an ugly scar in the dashboard. Secure printing is part of the Pull Printing component from PrinterLogic and is far from the typical security add-on. It’s more like a factory upgrade, integrated and beautifully crafted to fit the needs of IT. Printer Logic provides secure printing with three flexible methods to lock down your physical documents to ensure that only authorized users are able to release print jobs, and even then only when they’re ready. This keeps confidential and sensitive material away from prying eyes and out of the hands of competitors, guests or non-sanctioned employees.

Secure document printing in PrinterLogic is currently available in all PC/Mac environments and takes the form of “pull” or “release” printing. This means that a user can initiate a job, but the print job is not executed until that user is prepared to collect it and issues the release command. PrinterLogic’s Secure Printing solution gives your users three different kinds of release to suit different authorization mechanisms in different print environments:

  • Using the printer’s LCD console: If the printer has suitable functionality, the PrinterLogic app can be installed directly on it. This allows users to log in using the printer’s LCD and release their pending print jobs from that same panel. The virtue of this release method is that it doesn’t require any additional hardware beyond a compatible printer.
  • Using any Web browser: With this release method, literally any device with a browser—whether it’s a PC, Mac, Chromebook or a mobile device—can access PrinterLogic’s web-based app and release specific print jobs. Not only does this offer security, it also offers the kind of unparalleled convenience that encourages employees to make use of secure printing.
  • Using a badge/card reader: In this scenario, a badge reader is positioned next to the printer or comes installed on the device itself. This badge reader then integrates with your workplace’s existing badge system, if it has one, thereby allowing users to release the print jobs on the printer associated with the badge.

By using PrinterLogic for secure printing, users are able to initiate the print job from any workstation via a specific driver and then complete the print job at a specific printer entirely at their own discretion. A huge advantage to PrinterLogic’s Secure Printing solution is that it doesn’t rely on hacks or workarounds that bypass the printer’s actual driver. Because of this, there is no compromise in functionality; all original printer functions are maintained.

Even better, Secure Printing in PrinterLogic is independent of any device manufacturer. That gives you the freedom to work with your existing devices or migrate to any manufacturer you choose in the future while still enjoying the benefits of our secure print solution.

For more information on secure printing with PrinterLogic, have a look at this page.

Jordan Pusey
Jordan Pusey
With more than 15 years of product marketing experience, Jordan has been been instrumental in helping IT software companies produce valuable software solutions and achieve growth. From IT desktop operations to infrastructure and security, Jordan has talked and written about sound IT best practices, amazing time and money saving products, and industry trends. At PrinterLogic, he leads the company's product marketing efforts and loves talking about how organizations of all sizes can eliminate the need for print servers.


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