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Posted by Devin Anderson on September 14th, 2015

There’s a widespread assumption that enterprise print management goes hand-in-hand with print servers. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

At PrinterLogic, we’re all about challenging conventional wisdom. We’ve shown hundreds of customers that server-less print management is not only possible, it’s superior to traditional enterprise print management solutions because it avoids many of the fundamental weaknesses that print servers introduce. That’s why “eliminate print servers” is our mantra.

So what exactly are the benefits of a server-less print environment?

First off, server-less printing solutions remove single points of failure. When a print server goes down, it can bring more than just print operations for an entire office to a complete halt. By contrast, PrinterLogic is not a print server and inherently redundant, so end users can continue printing uninterrupted—even in the event of a WAN outage or a host server failure. That kind of 24-7 availability is virtually unheard of in environments that continue to rely on print servers.

During normal operations, print servers tend to place a heavy load on the WAN. A server-less print solution like PrinterLogic drastically reduces print-related WAN overhead, allowing your employees to print directly from end-point devices. That means individual print jobs totaling dozens or even hundreds of megabytes aren’t crossing the WAN throughout the day. By cutting down the network congestion that comes from print-related traffic, it can accelerate print times as well as basic Web access. That makes for a nice productivity boost that employees will appreciate.

PrinterLogic also integrates with caching technologies to further reduce its WAN footprint. When you’re deploying or updating drivers enterprise-wide or just in select departments, you can cache them locally to sidestep cross-WAN driver downloading.

Day-to-day management gets easier with server-less printing too. PrinterLogic gives you centralized, at-a-glance control of your entire print environment via a single pane of glass. Deploying printers? You can do it automatically, enterprise-wide—without the need for GPOs, scripts, or other time-consuming workarounds to accommodate print servers. Modifying printers? You can make individual or batch edits by simply ticking a box or using the handy find-and-replace feature.

And with PrinterLogic, end users can perform routine printer installs themselves with a single click. Try that with traditional print server solutions!

But is server-less printing secure? Undoubtedly. PrinterLogic’s intuitive central management makes it easy for you to configure printer assignments, so you can fine-tune authorizations for users and printers. The paradox here is that PrinterLogic actually makes printing more convenient and transparent for the end user while giving you more granular control over permissions—meaning an increase in security along with ease of use. Here, too, we challenge conventional wisdom by proving that the two don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

One great example is server-less pull printing. This allows users to release print jobs at a specific physical printer. So, for instance, Jane from accounting can send a sensitive sales report to a printer in a completely different department where she’s scheduled to give a presentation. She can then conveniently “pull” it once she reaches her destination, keeping the report hidden from prying eyes.

Server-less print management might not be the only way to approach enterprise printing, but here at PrinterLogic we have good reason to think it’s the best.

Devin Anderson
Devin Anderson
With nearly 20 years of experience in delivering market leading IT solutions to Fortune 500 companies, Devin prides himself on driving simplicity into products that solve extremely complex IT problems. For years he has been focused on the end-user computing devices and delivering technology that provides valuable services to the end-user which enable them to be their most productive self. As Vice President of Product Management at PrinterLogic, he focuses on increasing the value customers get from the company's Enterprise Printer Management solution.


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