January 14, 2015

Setting Printer Preferences on a Mac Computer

Posted by Nick Ball

Recently PrinterLogic has added the use of custom profiles for setting Mac driver preferences. For those unfamiliar with Mac printer preferences, this has a huge advantage over the built-in options given by the OS. Without PrinterLogic, editing most advanced printer preferences must be done in the terminal. Also, when attempting to apply settings that would not work together, such as duplex and transparency, there would be no notification or error. It would just “seem” to work, but would not really apply.

Now, with PrinterLogic, you have full access to apply any preferences available for the printer, and you will be prompted should settings not work together. We have provided a new graphical user interface (GUI) for selecting settings and printer preferences on a Mac. We have also provided a way to consistently and centrally apply the settings should the end user change them.

If you have any questions, please ask in the comments below and we’d be happy to answer!

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