October 20, 2015

What Is Pull Printing?

Before we start telling you how outstanding PrinterLogic’s pull printing capabilities are, let’s start by defining what pull printing actually means.

Pull printing is like two-step verification for your print jobs. In the first step, a user initiates the job from a workstation or a mobile device in the same way as he or she ordinarily would. In the second, that same user permits the destination printer to actually execute the job.

However, when we place so much emphasis on removing the complexity from enterprise printing, what’s the point of adding an extra step?

In a word: security. By making the initiation and the release of the job two deliberate actions, pull printing ensures that classified documents or those not intended for wider circulation aren’t left sitting next to the printer for anyone to see. This is especially handy when a user wants to print a job at a printer that’s located on another floor or in a completely different building—say, prior to a meeting or a presentation.

With PrinterLogic’s Pull Printing module, users can print and issue the “pull” command to release the print job using one of three secure methods:

  • Browser-based release: A PC/Mac, Chromebook or any mobile device—in short, any device capable of running a browser—can release print job securely using PrinterLogic’s web-based app. This means, for example, that you can put an iPad or an affordable netbook near an active printer group and use it as a pull printing release station.
  • Badge/card reader: Here an external badge reader is placed at the printer, or a device already integrated into the printer itself is used. The reader integrates with your existing badge system to release the pulled print jobs at the authorized printer.
  • Printer console: With this method, the PrinterLogic app can be installed directly onto a supported printer. This allows users to login and release their print jobs directly on the device’s built-in display. Unlike the previous two methods, this doesn’t call for any additional hardware.

To find out more about PrinterLogic’s powerful pull printing features and what role they can play in your organization, have a look at this page.

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