Aon Improves Efficiencies Using PrinterLogic

Aon Case Study


  • Needed to stabilize disparate print environments across 40 offices
  • As the company made acquisitions and expanded, it needed a standardized print management solution across the entire global enterprise
  • Large migration from Novell iPrint to Microsoft Active Directory
  • Selective Implementation of Secure Printing with a Single Interface


  • Aon initially adopted PrinterLogic’s web-based print management solution to stabilize 40 offices
  • PrinterLogic enabled printing across Active Directory domains so employees could print to any printer
  • Converted 24,000 users across 100 offices from Novell Print Queues to a centrally managed direct IP printing environment
  • Enabled the universal print driver required for Uniflow, as well as native print drivers, all from the same interface

Early in 2010, Hewitt Associates (prior to their merger with Aon plc) began an initiative to overhaul their printing environment and provide new and more effective ways to share documents.

To simplify the migration from Novell iPrint to Microsoft’s Active Directory, as well as remove acquisition complexities, the organization needed:

  • A web-based printer solution that was easily and cost-effectively supported.
  • The new solution to be simple for administrators and end-users, as well as efficient to deploy.

After evaluating various enterprise print management solutions, it was determined that PrinterLogic would best meet the firm’s requirements—allowing colleagues to easily locate and connect to facility and local work-area printers.

“With this new printing solution, we were able to stabilize the Aon environment in North America better than other technologies would have allowed. We were also able to provide printer access much quicker when onboarding new colleagues,” said Josh Lewis, Aon Technology Engineer/Operations Manager.

Hewitt merged with Aon soon after (October 2010), which resulted in a series of challenges that needed to be overcome.

Challenge #1

Stabilize disparate server environments (including a mix of unmanaged direct IP printing, Window’s shared printing, and old Novell queues) across 40 Aon Canada offices.


Aon introduced a centrally-managed, direct IP printing solution. Within nine months, Aon standardized Canada’s printing environment (across 40 offices) by implementing Aon Global Printers (AGP) with PrinterLogic. This intuitive, self-service model eliminated the need to manually add printers and decreased support calls.

Challenge #2

Standardize cross-organizational printing environments and functions for new and current colleagues, as well as our support team, across all Aon offices worldwide.


Aon used AGP with PrinterLogic to enable printing cross-organizationally. This allowed colleagues to print using any device regardless of domains and trusts. AGP quickly became the print driver management and delivery standard for more than 200 offices and over 4,000 printer objects enterprise-wide.

“PrinterLogic has been so flexible across all of Aon’s print management projects. It seems like every time we start a new project related to printing, we revisit PrinterLogic to see how they can help and add more value."

Challenge #3

Migrate more than 24,000 global colleagues across 100 offices from Novell iPrint to Microsoft Active Directory.


Aon used AGP (PrinterLogic) to successfully convert these colleagues to the new printing environment. As of Q1 2013, all of Aon North America completed its migration as well.

Challenge #4

Find a flexible solution that would offer a common interface—allowing EMEA colleagues to print using different printer hardware in the same office.


Aon used AGP with PrinterLogic to install drivers needed for complex and secure printing across EMEA. For instance, this solution allowed the Netherlands to install a universal uniFLOW print driver where implementations had occurred. And in cases where native print drivers were required for secure printing functionality, AGP was also able to install those drivers with the same interface.

Conclusion and Savings Summary

By implementing AGP with PrinterLogic, Aon improved the printing capabilities and features for many colleagues—enhancing their experience overall while creating cost savings for the firm by reducing server hardware and support calls. By the end of 2014, Aon will have 40,000 colleagues using AGP.

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