Simplifying Printing and Reducing Help Desk Calls by Eliminating Print Servers

BankPlus Case Study


  • Managing a distributed print environment across 65 offices was increasingly difficult and ineffective
  • Reducing the cost and manpower spent dealing with the complex management of many disparate print servers
  • Making the everyday print environment easier for employees to use


  • BankPlus adopted PrinterLogic’s solution to eliminate print servers across all 65 offices
  • IT can now centrally manage and troubleshoot all printers throughout all remote offices, with just a few clicks
  • All 900 employees enjoy a simple, streamlined print environment, which has drastically reduced help desk calls (and the associated costs)

BankPlus is an independent community bank in Mississippi with over $2.5 billion in assets. With over 65 offices and locations serving 33 communities throughout Mississippi, BankPlus maintains a regional focus to ensure the best possible service for its customers and return on investment for its shareholders.

As BankPlus has grown, so has the complexity of its print environment. Each time a new branch office was opened, they did what so many businesses do—they added a new print server at each location. Over time, this resulted in an unwieldy amount of disparate print servers that were difficult to manage and maintain separately.

“We found ourselves in a situation where we were managing 65 different print servers across 65 locations, which was incredibly complex,” said Marc Forester, Technical Services Manager at BankPlus. “It was painful to upgrade and maintain so many different servers remotely, and we were simply compounding the problems with each new print server we added. We needed a way to consolidate and centrally manage everything.”

BankPlus determined that it needed a print management solution that was:

  • Web-based for single-console management of a distributed print environment
  • Capable of remotely managing and provisioning printers
  • Able to drastically simplify the addition and setup of new printers for end-users

“Before we were introduced to PrinterLogic, we didn’t even know that eliminating our print servers altogether was a viable solution,” said Forester.

BankPlus selected PrinterLogic as their Enterprise Print Management solution to help them overcome their challenges while reducing complexity and cutting cost.

Challenge #1—Simplifying the Print Environment Across 65 Offices

BankPlus has seen steady growth as it expands to better serve its communities. Throughout this growth, the company continued to add more and more print servers in each new location, which resulted in mounting costs and management headaches. BankPlus needed a solution to help consolidate and simplify its print environment.

“The cost and complexity of managing 65 different print servers was simply untenable, and we needed a way to simplify our environment without losing any of the functionality our print servers enabled,” said Forester.


PrinterLogic is enabling BankPlus to completely eliminate all 65 print servers across all of their locations. The company has started by eliminating the print server in its headquarters, and will be eliminating the remaining print servers throughout all of its remote locations.

“We were surprised to find that we could not only replace the functionality, but also gain new functionality, by completely eliminating our print servers,” said Forester.

“PrinterLogic has significantly reduced the amount of time it takes to add, configure and manage printers across all our locations, and that ongoing time savings will amount to an impressive return on investment.”

Challenge #2—Centrally Managing a Distributed Print Environment

As BankPlus continued to expand, it found that it was spending an inordinate amount of time and resources managing and maintaining its growing number of print servers. Every new print server took a lot of time to configure, and any updates or upgrades were extremely resource intensive. In addition, adding new printers required configuring the device on each print server separately, which was time consuming.

“We needed a solution that enabled us to quickly provision, update and upgrade print servers without having to manage each site individually,” said Forester.


PrinterLogic enables BankPlus to centrally deploy, configure and manage all of its printers without any print servers. BankPlus can now monitor and manage its printers across all 65 locations, all through a single console.

“The amount of manpower and hours PrinterLogic has saved us, and will continue to save us as we roll this out to all offices, is invaluable,” said Forester.

Challenge #3—Reducing Help Desk Calls by Making Everyday Printing Easier for Employees

Not only was the management of so many print servers difficult for IT, but it also made everyday printing difficult for employees. Any new printers or changes to existing printers—including something as routine as upgrading printer drivers—created problems for employees at the individual sites. The result was a large volume of help desk calls that dealt with basic printing issues, which bogged down IT and drove up support costs.

“The amount of time spent on print-related help desk calls was skyrocketing, so we knew we needed a solution to help make printing simple for our employees across all sites,” said Forester.


By eliminating print servers across the organization, PrinterLogic helped BankPlus eliminate the employee-facing printer challenges that were driving up the number of help desk calls. Adding new printers, upgrading printer drivers or other configuration issues can all be pushed and managed centrally, requiring no interaction from remote employees. As a result, printing across remote locations simply works, and all print-related changes are transparent to employees.

Conclusion and Savings Summary

By deploying PrinterLogic, BankPlus has significantly simplified and streamlined its printing environment across 65 distributed locations. It has eliminated print servers in its headquarters, and is now eliminating all remaining print servers throughout the organization, resulting in significant cost savings when it comes to the configuration and maintenance of those print servers. In addition, the amount of time saved via the reduction of print-related help desk calls has also increased the total return on investment. “PrinterLogic has significantly reduced the amount of time it takes to add, configure and manage printers across all our locations, and that ongoing time savings will amount to an impressive return on investment,” said Forester.

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