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PrinterLogic Simplifies Citrix Printing for Banner Bank Across More Than 100 Locations

Banner Bank Case Study


  • Banner Bank appreciated the advantages of its existing Citrix printing environment but needed to add new printers locally at any location without end user interruption
  • The company was rapidly expanding its number of physical locations, making it difficult to keep pace with new printer deployment and removal
  • With so many current and future sites to oversee, print management needed to be centralized


  • The company experienced unprecedented ease of printer deployment and was able to simply install new printers without impacting the end user
  • New and existing printers could be centrally managed enterprise-wide across more than 116 locations (and counting)
  • Mobile workforce could print effortlessly regardless of location, thanks to automatic printer installation

Headquartered in Walla Walla, Washington, Banner Bank is steeped in over 125 years of history and has the distinction of being the oldest savings and loan institution in all of Washington State. Its recent history is defined by massive growth. Since 2000, the company has more than doubled its number of locations. Today it oversees a network of over 104 branch offices and nine loan production facilities throughout Washington, Oregon and Idaho. It currently employs approximately 1,200 people, and that number—along with its number of locations—are expected to double once again in the coming year.

Given such rapid ongoing expansion, the team at Banner Bank knew they needed to take control of their enterprise print environment before the situation went from being proactive to reactive. The company needed a print management solution that would:

  • Integrate seamlessly with Banner Bank's Citrix environment while optimizing routine printing and printer installs
  • Streamline printer deployment and removal in a dynamic and quickly expanding environment
  • Make enterprise print management simple and convenient enough that it would no longer be a drain on staff resources

After subjecting PrinterLogic to their most extreme enterprise scenarios during an extended proof-of-concept deployment, the IT experts at Banner Bank were confident they'd found the right solution.

"The guidance—some would call it hand holding—we received during the proof of concept was instrumental in allowing for enough time to put the system through its paces," says Mike Currie, Senior Vice President and IT Infrastructure Manager at Banner Bank. "We were able to validate our planned deployment and configuration to ensure that the system was rock solid before the entire enterprise deployment was completed."

Challenge #1—Optimizing the Citrix printer environment

The financial services industry is incredibly paper-intensive. Loan applications, mortgage documents, even balance statements need to be printed out regularly. To improve the day-to-day process of printing required paperwork at each branch office, the company wanted to refine its existing Citrix environment by eliminating its high-maintenance print servers.

"Adding a new printer to a branch that had ten or more computers was extremely time consuming and couldn’t be done easily during business hours without impacting the branch employees and the bank's customers," says Currie.

The Banner Bank team hoped that by installing the printers locally at the branch workstations, they would cut out the troublesome middlemen and reduce network throughout as well as install time.

"If you are looking for a high-value, low-cost centralized network print management solution to maintain, deploy and support a mid-sized environment to a large-scale enterprise IT environment, you don't need to look any further than PrinterLogic."


Currie estimates that "99% of the bank's business systems [are] made available through a Citrix Virtual Apps environment using T1 WAN connections." The Banner Bank team saw PrinterLogic as a way to enhance the native WAN optimization of the Citrix application stream—and that's precisely what they got.

"All print jobs are streamed over an optimized Citrix network connection and then printed from the computer directly to the printer, versus printing from a print server in our data center over the WAN to the location's local printers," says Currie. "We have zero servers in our branches, so we have less server hardware to support and maintain."

And because PrinterLogic is now being used in place of those print servers, a new printer can easily be added to or removed from a branch with no downtime and without techs having to log into each computer.

Challenge #2—Streamlining printer deployment and removal

In the past 15 years, Banner Bank has gone from 38 branches to more than 100. Their growth strategy sees them adding another 100+ locations within the next year, bringing their total number of sites to over 200, their total number of employees to approximately 2,400, and their regional distribution up to five states.

But their IT infrastructure has had to keep up with this whirlwind expansion while anticipating future mergers and acquisitions. The process of deploying printers in new branches and removing ones that are no longer useful had grown more complicated over time and was no longer sustainable at the current rate of growth.


"We are using PrinterLogic to make sure that a branch has all of the printers installed on a location's computers so that they can to do their job and provide the expected service to Banner Bank's clients," says Currie. "Opening new branch or office locations is simplified with PrinterLogic handling the printer installations on the fly."

He points to PrinterLogic's ongoing track record as evidence of just how streamlined Banner Bank's operations have become enterprise-wide: "Having acquired or opened 16 branches in the last eight months was much easier for the deployment teams since they didn't have to manage any printer installations. And with 90 locations on the horizon over the next ten months, 'managing the printers' can be easily checked off the list of tasks that need to be completed."

Challenge #3—Managing centrally and with minimal effort

As the number and distribution of enterprise sites increases, so does the importance of centralized management. Prior to deploying PrinterLogic, Banner Bank IT staff would have to log into individual workstations to set up the printer port on each computer and install the driver. That can be a cumbersome process with just a single location. And as Banner Bank discovered, with each additional location it simply becomes untenable in the long term.

In addition to the company's static sites, Banner Bank had to account for its mobile workforce—employees who travel from branch to branch, dealing with a variety of customers or cases. Wherever they go they need to be able to seamlessly connect to the nearest printer, but with traditional print management solutions that process is easier in theory than in practice.


PrinterLogic allowed the Banner Bank team to manage the company's entire printer network from a central location. Gone are the days of IT administrators having to log into individual workstations to deploy printers, and traveling employees no longer have to call the support desk to walk through step-by-step installs of local printers. Instead those printers are automatically installed when an employee visits a new location, thanks to the intelligence of PrinterLogic.

"If you are looking for a high-value, low-cost centralized network print management solution to maintain, deploy and support a mid-sized environment to a large-scale enterprise IT environment, you don't need to look any further than PrinterLogic," says Currie.

Conclusion and Savings Summary

After a lengthy proof-of-concept deployment, Banner Bank firmly decided in favor of PrinterLogic based on three criteria:

  • Total deployment cost(s) for the project
  • Ease of use, deployment and management
  • Right fit for the enterprise

Finding the "right fit" meant seamless integration with the company's existing Citrix environment coupled with rapid remote printer installation and removal to keep pace with the growing number of sites—plus centralized routine management so easy it would almost be invisible. Even during the proof-of-concept phase, the results met or exceeded all the targets the Banner Bank team had envisioned.

"The FTE hours required to set-up a new printer have dropped by 85%," says Currie. "That equates to 30 minutes to push out a printer versus up to six hours for a normal ten-computer branch. Which allows our support staff to focus on other tasks versus installing printers on computers."

Along with eliminating print servers and the attendant hardware and maintenance costs, Banner Bank's IT staff are also seeing a huge reduction in the number of printer-related support calls. Currie sums up the results more succinctly than any statistics: "PrinterLogic for the win!"

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