Canadian Corps of Commissionaires

Canadian Non-profit Achieves Payback in Less Than a Year and Significantly Reduces Print-related Costs

CCCSAB Case Study


  • With 100 administrative employees distributed over four sites, CCCSAB needed a cost-effective way to centrally manage all of the organization’s networked printers
  • To systematically reduce demands on the IT staff, CCCSAB wanted to simplify deployment and make end-user self-service more attractive
  • As part of a broader effort to curtail operating costs, the organization needed to examine and address consumable overuse


  • PrinterLogic allowed the IT staff to administer the organization’s mix of personal and shared departmental printers while streamlining driver management and installation
  • Massive reductions in the time and effort required for deployment; both mobile and location-based employees are now able to self-install printers
  • PrinterLogic’s powerful auditing features have initiated an organization-wide cultural change toward the reduction of consumables

The Canadian Corps of Commissionaires (CCC) was established nearly a century ago as a means to provide employment for veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces, the legendary “Mounties” of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and retired police officers.

The private, not-for-profit organization has grown over the past 80 years to include fifteen locations throughout Canada and employs nearly 20,000 people, the majority of whom are contracted by federal, provincial and municipal governments and police departments to perform by-law enforcement, police administration and support and detention services. The CCC also offers identification services such as fingerprinting, background screening and criminal record checks, and it boasts a wide range of comprehensive training programs.

Although the CCC employs tens of thousands of workers across all three territories and ten provinces of Canada, it has to keep its core administrative staff lean and its overhead low.

“We’re a not-for-profit organization, so we’re always looking at the cost of things,” says Jesper Trangeled, ICT Manager at the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires in Southern Alberta. “While we employ a large number of people and impact much of Canada, we operate like a any other small business.”

Part of the CCC’s constant push toward greater efficiency means looking for ways to streamline its IT infrastructure. In 2014, the organization sent two representatives to a trade show with a view to finding innovative ways to reduce the amount of time and money the CCC was investing in maintaining its print environment.

“My representatives came back and said, ‘We found this print management software called PrinterLogic. We think this is the solution.’ We tested it out, it worked exactly as we hoped, and we went from there.”

Challenge #1—Ubiquity Through Central Management

The CCCSAB might operate with a minimal administrative staff of around 100, but it has to maintain a physical presence across Southern Alberta through brick and mortar locations and a number of mobile employees. That means the organization has to meet the demands of a large-scale distributed enterprise with the resources of a small business.

“We have four locations, and of course our IT department is only situated in one of them,” says Trangeled. “The question before PrinterLogic was, ‘How can we reduce the time it takes to manage printers when we can’t be everywhere at once?’”


PrinterLogic effectively gave the CCCSAB’s IT staff enterprise-wide ubiquity. Instead of having to visit each location in person or remotely log on to every workstation throughout the organization one at a time in order to change a printer or driver settings, the CCC can provision the correct printers and the correct profiles to all of its networked printers from a single pane of glass.

“PrinterLogic has enabled us to centrally manage and deploy all our printers, drastically reducing the time and resources we have to invest in each of those areas.”

“It feels like we have almost as many printers as we do employees. Some are for general departmental use and some are for personal use by executives or contract managers who often have to deal with sensitive information,” Trangeled says.

“Our biggest success has been the fact that we can now remotely manage all our printers—even the ones in the other locations as well. With PrinterLogic, we can easily change the settings and update the drivers no matter where they are. And we no longer have to do that for each one manually. We can push out changes to every workstation automatically.”

Challenge #2—Improving Installation and the End-User Experience

Routine deployment of printers, even among the CCC’s modest number of staff, was a “major headache” for the IT department.

“Whenever we installed a new printer, we would have to go into each workstation and do the installation, because the users don’t have the administrative rights to install things,” says Trangeled. “We only have about a hundred users—but, still, a hundred users times ten minutes per install is a lot of time. Add that up and it could be about 17 hours just to install a new printer. Compare that to the ten minutes it takes with PrinterLogic.”


Not only does PrinterLogic automate mass installation of new printers from the administrative side, it also provides an intuitive self-service portal that allows end users to perform routine installs themselves, saving many hours in service desk calls.

At its primary location, the CCCSAB has uploaded floorplan maps that allow users to graphically select the printer closest to them and then install it with a click. What’s more, users aren’t presented with confusing or unnecessary options. That boosts productivity by providing users with an optimal experience while imbuing the IT staff with fine-grained control over the print environment.

“To give an example,” says Trangeled, “with one of our printers, there’s a duplexing option, and not everybody needs that. One of our printers has got pay slips in one tray, and of course it’s only the payroll people who use it and the rest of the finance department uses the other trays. PrinterLogic has made it nice and easy to grant end users access to only the appropriate printers/trays and the settings for that printer that make sense for them.”

“For our users who travel from location to location, PrinterLogic makes it easy for them too. Now they can simply select the printer and install it themselves.”

Challenge #3—Auditing and Accountability

When examining cost-cutting possibilities, the CCCSAB found itself in a situation that is far from unique: The ‘invisible’ costs of printing were contributing to widespread overuse of consumables. When one-time costs of paper and toner are measured in mere pennies, it can be hard to convey the aggregate impact those one-time uses are having.

“How do I say this politely?” Trangeled laughs. “People everywhere have become spoiled in a way. They print everything out in color whether they need it or not. They print on glossy paper when matte will do. That’s a hurdle that every organization has to overcome, not just for the operating costs but for environmental reasons as well.”


PrinterLogic’s in-depth auditing is raising awareness throughout the CCC about the cost-saving potential of reduced consumables usage. Trangeled says it is leading to a huge “cultural change” that encourages accountability at all levels of the organization.

“We started distributing the reports we get from PrinterLogic about who’s printing and what they’re printing and where they’re printing to the department managers. And not only did we distribute those to the managers, we also started charging each department based on usage—which has made quite a few people sit up and say, ‘Okay, we need to keep an eye on usage and costs.’ That starts the conversation and starts people thinking a little bit more about what they’re doing.”

Conclusion and Savings Summary

Even in its “still early days” following the organization’s migration to PrinterLogic, the CCCSAB is already seeing significant ROI.

“PrinterLogic has enabled us to centrally manage and deploy all our printers, drastically reducing the time and resources we have to invest in each of those areas. I would say that within 12 months our cost of deployment was well and truly paid back,” says Trangeled.

But the benefits and resource savings haven’t stopped there.

“In addition to that, PrinterLogic is reducing our costs on an ongoing basis. Without PrinterLogic, we definitely would have required an extra person in IT a year earlier than we planned. And as we enable the cultural change toward mindfulness of consumables usage, we’ve started reducing waste. It definitely keeps yielding further benefits.”

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