Case Study: CENTRIA

CENTRIA Eliminates Print Servers and Reduces Printer Installation Time from Days to Hours

CENTRIA Case Study


  • Deploying new printers and managing printer drivers meant configuring devices on each print server separately, which was extremely time consuming
  • With five locations, employees needed a way to quickly and easily print regardless of which office they were in
  • A high volume of service desk calls were related to installing and deploying new printers, causing a drain on IT resources


  • CENTRIA completely eliminated their print servers with PrinterLogic, simplifying the management of printers and reducing printer installation time from several days to just a few hours
  • PrinterLogic provides a self-service printer installation portal that enables all users to quickly print to the nearest printer, regardless of location
  • PrinterLogic has nearly eliminated printer-related service desk calls, saving CENTRIA significant time and money

CENTRIA, headquartered in Pittsburgh, is an industry leader in the design, development and manufacture of sustainable architectural metal wall and roof systems. In addition to its Pittsburgh location, the company also has four additional manufacturing plants in Kentucky, Arkansas, Ohio and Pennsylvania. In total, CENTRIA has over 800 employees across its five locations.

The distributed nature of CENTRIA’s print environment made it difficult to manage, especially since there was not a dedicated IT person at each location. Any necessary changes to printer drivers or settings had to be made on each print server separately, requiring costly visits to each site.

“With five locations and lots of employees visiting multiple locations—not to mention contractors and outside partners—installing and managing printers for everyone had become a huge challenge,” said Jaison Bailley, Senior Systems Engineer at CENTRIA.

CENTRIA determined that it needed an Enterprise Print Management solution that was:

  • Capable of centrally managing printers across all locations
  • Web-based and easy to implement
  • Able to simplify printing for all users, regardless of location

After seeing a demo of PrinterLogic at a conference, CENTRIA signed up for a free trial. The value of the platform was evident immediately, and CENTRIA selected PrinterLogic as their Enterprise Print Management solution company-wide.

Challenge #1—Simplifying and Centralizing Print Management

CENTRIA relied on print servers at each of its distributed locations. As a result, CENTRIA’s IT team had to deal with the complexity of deploying new printers at remote locations, as well as the extremely time-consuming task of managing printer drivers consistently across multiple print servers.

“Everyone hates print servers, regardless of their organization’s size or structure,” says Bailley. “For us, print servers meant complexity, high costs, and a great deal of time to update and manage.”

"PrinterLogic has drastically reduced the time we spend managing our printers and copiers, and it has all but eliminated printer-related service desk calls—so the return on investment with PrinterLogic has been incredibly strong."


PrinterLogic gave CENTRIA a simple, web-based solution for managing their entire printer environment. CENTRIA can now monitor and manage all of its printers across all five locations, all through a single console. And PrinterLogic was the only solution capable of eliminating all of CENTRIA’s print servers.

“I was walking through a conference when I saw PrinterLogic’s big ‘Eliminate Print Servers’ banner—and I was immediately intrigued,” says Bailley. “PrinterLogic delivered in a big way. Within days of testing it out in our free trial, we knew this was the solution we’d been waiting for.”

Challenge #2—Making it Easy to Print from Any Office

As a leader in the commercial construction industry, each of CENTRIA’s locations frequently had different traveling employees visiting, along with contractors, customers and partners—all of whom need to print while on site. CENTRIA does not have full-time IT staff at each site, so the IT helper at each site spent a majority of their time helping visitors install printers so that they could print.

“Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to print when you need to,” says Bailley. “We needed a solution that would make it simple for anyone—regardless of technical background—to be able to print within minutes.”


PrinterLogic’s easy-to-use self-installation portal makes printing incredibly easy for all users, without the need for any technical expertise. CENTRIA now has a single, consistent printer installation portal across all of its locations, which enables users to quickly and easily pull up a floor plan map to locate and install the printer closest to them.

“Anyone on our network can use the PrinterLogic portal to find and install the closest printer to them, enabling them to install and print with a single click,” says Bailley.

Challenge #3—Reducing Print-Related Service Desk Calls

Like most organizations, a high percentage of CENTRIA’s service desk calls were related to printers going down or people having trouble installing printers. CENTRIA also faced the common problem of managing many versions of printer drivers and ensuring that each printer in the organization always had the latest updates.


PrinterLogic enables CENTRIA to manage all printers—across all offices and all domains—from a single console. PrinterLogic also manages and automatically pushes printer drivers to all workstations, ensuring that drivers are always up to date and that printers are ready to receive print jobs.

“PrinterLogic has nearly eliminated service desk calls - partly because it’s so simple for people to install their own printers,” says Bailley. “The automated management of printer drivers solves so many problems.”

Conclusion and Savings Summary

By deploying PrinterLogic’s application, CENTRIA has significantly simplified and streamlined its printing environment. CENTRIA is now able to easily monitor and manage its entire print environment—across five locations and 800 employees—from a single pane of glass with PrinterLogic’s simple, web-based solution. And all of CENTRIA’s employees are able to quickly and easily print regardless of location, without any technical knowledge required.

“It used to take us three days to install new copiers at our corporate office and make sure all of the correct drivers were present—now it takes a few hours,” says Bailley. “PrinterLogic has drastically reduced the time we spend managing our printers and copiers, and it has all but eliminated printer-related service desk calls—so the return on investment with PrinterLogic has been incredibly strong.”

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