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Eliminating Print Servers and Increasing Uptime with “Instant ROI”

CFCU Case Study


  • Eliminating all print servers while ensuring uptime in a distributed print environment
  • Reducing help desk calls by simplifying the end-user’s printing experience
  • Enabling enterprise-wide deployment in days, with no end-user impact


  • In the process of eliminating all print servers and print related downtime
  • Reduced help desk calls by enabling simple user-installation of printers and automating printer driver management
  • Using both PrinterLogic and LANDESK, CFCU was able to deploy in just three days with zero impact on end-users

CFCU Community Credit Union (CFCU) is a not-for-profit financial institution dedicated to serving New York’s Tompkins and Cortland counties. With ten locations, more than 60,000 members and over $900 million in assets, CFCU is one of the largest credit unions in New York State.

Like many organizations, CFCU encountered an increasingly complex printing environment as its organization and number of offices grew. The company had four print servers—two Citrix and two local—across their 10 offices. CFCU also has printers deployed on three separate domains, adding to the complexity.

“We had 150 printers and four print servers across 10 offices in a cross-platform environment, so we had a lot of print-related headaches,” said Matt Duso, IT Specialist at CFCU. “Our business relies heavily on printed documents, so we needed a way to streamline our print environment to ensure uptime and keep business moving forward.”

CFCU determined that it needed a print management solution that was capable of completely eliminating all of their print servers, able to simplify printing and the printing experience for end-users and compatible with LANDESK for simple deployment and maintenance.

After evaluating PrinterLogic and a few competing products, CFCU selected PrinterLogic as their Enterprise Print Management solution company-wide.

Challenge #1—Ensuring Uptime in a Distributed Print Environment

CFCU had a single print spooler in each of its distributed print environments, and if one of those print spoolers crashed, all printing ceased for that portion of the organization. CFCU needed a way to simplify its print environment to reduce the number of crashes and ensure greater uptime to meet its member’s needs.

“We were starting to experience 2-3 print server failures per week, which would completely shut down our ability to print,” said Duso. “We deal with home and business loans that require a lot of paperwork, so the inability to print has a huge impact on our business. Our employees and management were not happy, and complaints were on the rise.”


PrinterLogic has enabled CFCU to eliminate all four of its print servers, while increasing the overall print management functionality throughout all offices. As a result, PrinterLogic eliminated the downtime caused by print server failures, ensuring CFCU’s ability to print anytime.

“Eliminating print servers is one of those things every IT person wants to do, but you just never realize it is a possibility,” said Duso. “PrinterLogic not only simplified our entire print environment, it also fortified an essential function of our business by eliminating printer downtime.”

Challenge #2—Reducing Help Desk Calls by Simplifying the End-User Experience

CFCU received a lot of help desk calls when the print servers would go down, but it also received a lot of support calls and emails whenever a new printer needed to be installed. On average, CFCU receives 3,000 help desk calls and 5,000 support emails a month with close to 50% of those related to printing.

“We were just about to upgrade our print servers, which would have cost at least $10,000 each. Add that to the other benefits and cost savings, and the ROI of PrinterLogic is nearly instant.”

"Given our cross-platform printing challenges, and the support of printers on multiple domains, there was simply no easy way for end-users to add and set up new printers,” said Duso.

The organization also faced the common problem of managing many versions of printer drivers and ensuring that each printer in the organization always had the latest updates.


PrinterLogic enables CFCU to manage all printers—across all offices and all domains—in a single console. And with PrinterLogic’s easy-to-use site map, CFCU employees can easily find the printer closest to them and install that printer with a few clicks.

“PrinterLogic has single-handedly reduced our help desk call volume by almost 50%,” said Duso. “The interface is so simple to use—even the least technical employees can easily install their own printers.”

PrinterLogic also manages and automatically pushes all printer drivers to all workstations ensuring that drivers are always up to date and printers are ready to receive print jobs.

Challenge #3—Enabling Enterprise-Wide Deployment in Days via LANDESK

As with any organization about to undertake a deployment that will touch every employee’s device, CFCU needed a way to quickly and easily roll out PrinterLogic with minimum impact on its end-users.

“We simply didn’t have the resources to visit each employee’s device and install software,” said Duso. “We needed something that could streamline the process, without interrupting business.”

“We’re a LANDESK shop, and were introduced to PrinterLogic by a LANDESK representative,” said Duso. “I never could have imagined how easy it would be to solve all of the issues we were dealing with in our print environment, but the combination of PrinterLogic and LANDESK made it a breeze.”


CFCU decided to install PrinterLogic using LANDESK, enabling them to install PrinterLogic on every machine, throughout the enterprise, with the push of a button. And because LANDESK can be set to work after hours, CFCU was able to avoid bogging down the network and disrupting business.

“We were able to roll out this entire deployment—across ten different offices—in just three days,” said Duso. “And better yet, we were able to do so without anyone knowing it—with zero impact on the end-users.”

Conclusion and Savings Summary

With PrinterLogic, CFCU was able to drastically reduce printer downtime that impeded their daily business operations, making operations more efficient. And by reducing printer-related help desk calls, the company saves thousands of dollars per month in man hours spent responding to printing issues. And by eliminating the need to ever upgrade or purchase new physical print servers, CFCU views PrinterLogic as an exceptional value.

“We were just about to upgrade our print servers, which would have cost at least $10,000 each. Add that to the other benefits and cost savings, and the ROI of PrinterLogic is nearly instant.”

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