Guthrie Eliminates Print Servers While Simplifying Epic Printing

Guthrie Case Study


  • Deploying new printers meant configuring devices on each Epic Print Server (EPS) separately, which was extremely time consuming and prone to human error
  • Highly mobile employees needed a way to quickly and easily print regardless of which office/clinic they were in
  • A high volume of help desk calls were related to installing and deploying new printers, causing a drain on IT resources


  • Guthrie adopted PrinterLogic to simplify the deployment of printers in their Epic environment, while eliminating print servers at the same time
  • PrinterLogic’s web-based print management solution provided a self-service printer installation portal that enabled all users to quickly print to the nearest printer, regardless of location
  • PrinterLogic has nearly eliminated print-related help desk calls, saving Guthrie significant time and money

Guthrie, located in north central Pennsylvania and south central New York, is a non-profit integrated healthcare delivery system that currently includes three hospitals, more than 440 physicians and mid-level providers, 32 regional provider offices in 23 communities, home health and home care services, and a research institute. Guthrie manages more than 1,000,000 patient visits a year.

In total, Guthrie has over 5,000 employees across more than 40 locations, and many of those users roam between locations. As the organization grew, printer availability and the ability to easily deploy printers became increasingly problematic.

“We have a lot of floating employees who need to quickly and easily print no matter where they are,” said Chris Gorsline, Lead Systems Engineer at Guthrie. “We had been using a homegrown solution for years, but as we grew, this just became untenable.”

Guthrie determined that it needed an Enterprise Print Management solution that was:

  • Capable of working with its Epic server environment
  • Web-based and easy to implement
  • Able to simplify printing for all users, regardless of location

After evaluating PrinterLogic and two competing products, Guthrie selected PrinterLogic as their Enterprise Print Management solution company-wide.

Challenge #1—Simplifying Printing in an Epic Environment

Guthrie utilizes Epic, and while they enjoy the many benefits of Epic, they also ran into some printing issues. In particular, because Epic recommends using local print queues, the management of those queues became an ever-increasing issue as Guthrie’s company and locations grew. They had used a homegrown solution originally, but it had become too difficult to manage.

“Our homegrown solution served us well for a while, but as we grew it just wasn’t cutting it. We needed something enterprise-grade,” said Gorsline.

“PrinterLogic really is the simplest solution out there, and yet it is so powerful. Solutions like ThinPrint were prohibitively expensive, and they still weren’t able to eliminate our print servers. PrinterLogic does it all, and at an incredible value.”


PrinterLogic gave Guthrie a simple, web-based solution for managing their entire Epic environment. Guthrie can now monitor and manage all of its printers across all 40 locations, all through a single console. And unlike the other print management products they evaluated, PrinterLogic was the only solution capable of eliminating Guthrie’s print servers.

“I didn’t even know that eliminating print servers was an option until I found PrinterLogic,” said Gorsline. “PrinterLogic dramatically simplified our EPS deployment, and saved us at least a month’s worth of time.”

Challenge #2—Enabling Mobile Employees to Easily Print from Any Office

As a premier healthcare provider with over 40 locations, Guthrie manages thousands of print clients—with more being added as they grow. Many of Guthrie’s 5,000 employees are mobile, traveling from office to office, so the company needed a way to manage printing for every user across all 40 sites. And most importantly, it needed to ensure consistent printing behavior despite the facility or location.

“What matters most is that our people can continue to be productive without ever having to think about printing from a different location,” said Gorsline. “They need to be able to quickly and easily find a printer and print, no matter where they are. And it needs to be dead simple.”


PrinterLogic’s easy-to-use self-installation portal makes printing incredibly easy for all users, without the need for any technical expertise. Guthrie now has a single, consistent printer installation portal across its entire enterprise, which enables users to quickly and easily pull up a floor plan map to locate and install the printer closest to them.

“Our employees love using PrinterLogic because it is so easy, and it eliminates any interruption in their workflow,” said Gorsline. “PrinterLogic is one of the most popular applications we use. It just works.”

Challenge #3—Reducing the Time and Cost of Print-Related Help Desk Calls

Guthrie received a lot of help desk calls when print servers would go down, but it also received a lot of support calls and emails whenever a new printer needed to be installed. The organization also faced the common problem of managing many versions of printer drivers and ensuring that each printer in the organization always had the latest updates.

“As our organization grew, we were spending an inordinate amount of time installing and maintaining printers in our environment,” said Gorsline. “There was simply no easy way for end users to install new printers.”


PrinterLogic enables Guthrie to manage all printers—across all offices and all domains—from a single console. And with PrinterLogic’s easy-to-use site map, Guthrie employees can easily find the printer closest to them and install that printer with a single click. PrinterLogic also manages and automatically pushes printer drivers to all workstations, ensuring that drivers are always up to date and that printers are ready to receive print jobs.

“PrinterLogic has nearly eliminated help desk calls related to printer installation and setup,” said Gorsline. “We wanted to simplify printing for users and make it easy to find and install printers—and PrinterLogic absolutely delivered.”

Conclusion and Savings Summary

By deploying PrinterLogic’s application, Guthrie has significantly simplified and streamlined its Epic printing environment. Guthrie is now able to easily monitor and manage its entire print environment—across more than 40 locations and 5,000 employees—from a single pane of glass with PrinterLogic’s simple, web-based solution. And all of Guthrie’s employees are able to quickly and easily print regardless of location, without any technical knowledge required.

“PrinterLogic really is the simplest solution out there, and yet it is so powerful,” said Gorsline. “Solutions like ThinPrint were prohibitively expensive, and they still weren’t able to eliminate our print servers. PrinterLogic does it all, and at an incredible value.”

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