Case Study: HOLT CAT

Significantly Improve Uptime and Saving Many Hours Per Month by Eliminating Print Servers

HOLT CAT Case Study
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  • Eliminating Windows Server 2003, 2008 and 2012 print servers across two data centers
  • Increasing uptime and customer satisfaction across 32 distributed locations
  • Reducing support time spent troubleshooting print-related issues


  • HOLT CAT® used PrinterLogic to eliminate all of its Windows print servers across two data centers
  • PrinterLogic enables 100% uptime for HOLT’s print services across all 32 locations
  • Since deploying PrinterLogic, support time spent on print server-related issues has been reduced by 90%

HOLT CAT® is the authorized Caterpillar® heavy equipment and engine dealer for 118 counties in South, Central, North and East Texas. Established in 1933, HOLT sells, services and rents CAT® equipment, engines and generators for construction, mining, industrial, petroleum and agricultural applications.

HOLT® was facing a difficult scenario, where it had a combination of Windows Server 2003, 2008 and 2012 print servers spread out across two data centers. This configuration was riddled with bugs that required frequent rebooting of all print servers. As a result, HOLT’s print servers were going down daily, which caused a significant disruption to their business.

“We tried everything—but nothing worked to resolve our issues,” said Roger VanOrman, Enterprise Systems Administrator at HOLT. “The problems caused by our print servers were preventing our stores from printing receipts and properly servicing our clients, which was simply unacceptable.”

HOLT determined that it needed a print management solution that was:

  • Capable of eliminating their dependence on print servers
  • Able to simplify the printing experience for end users
  • Compatible with LANDESK® for simple deployment and maintenance

After evaluating PrinterLogic, HOLT selected PrinterLogic as their Enterprise Print Management solution company-wide.

Challenge #1—Eliminating Different Versions of Windows Print Servers Across Multiple Locations

HOLT had two different data centers providing service for its 32 locations, and they had six print servers across those two data centers. Each data center had an identical configuration of one Windows Server 2003 print server, one Windows Server 2008 print server, and one Windows Server 2012 print server. But these three versions of Windows Server would not play nicely with each other, and HOLT spent significant resources trying to find a solution.

“We tried working with Microsoft support, tried proposed solutions on forums, read articles from Microsoft and from our peers—but nothing was working,” said VanOrman. “We were rebooting our print servers far too often and disrupting business, so we knew there had to be a better way.”


HOLT came across PrinterLogic in Redmond Magazine and immediately reached out for a demo. After evaluating the solution, HOLT made the decision to eliminate print servers using PrinterLogic.

“Just the reduction in support time spent on printing each month provides an impressive ROI. Not to mention the elimination of future print server upgrades and management costs.”

“I honestly hadn’t even considered eliminating our print servers, but after our investment in six print servers yielded only headaches, the proposition was intriguing,” said VanOrman. “The impact of eliminating our print servers was immediate. We now manage our entire print environment via PrinterLogic, and we no longer have to worry about print servers going down and disrupting business. I wish we would have discovered PrinterLogic years ago.”

Challenge #2—Increasing Uptime and Customer Satisfaction

With 32 locations, all of which rely on printing to efficiently service their customers, HOLT’s printing issues were having a very real impact on its business. With the frequent need to restart print servers, the downtime experienced by HOLT locations was high. Employees were frustrated dealing with print problems, and the delays in their ability to support customers.

“At HOLT, we value customer service above all else,” said VanOrman. “To have something like printing get in the way of delivering the service our customers deserve was beyond frustrating.”


PrinterLogic enables HOLT to manage all 500 of its printers across all 32 locations (and growing) via a single console. The elimination of print servers removes the downtime caused by server failures, resulting in consistent and reliable printing across all locations.

“With PrinterLogic, everything just works the way it’s supposed to, all the time,” said VanOrman. “Printing has become something that enhances the customer experience by speeding up the process, as opposed to something that degraded the customer experience.”

Challenge #3—Reducing Support Time Spent on Print-Related Issues

Previously HOLT could have two to three IT employees working on print issues on any given week, with approximately 30 hours per week being spent troubleshooting print servers and print-related issues. Whether it was time spent dealing with print-related support tickets or time spent dealing directly with Microsoft trying to find a solution, the hours—and the cost of those hours—added up quickly.

“Not only were printing issues a massive drain on our support team’s time, but it was a consistent drain,” said VanOrman. “No matter how much time we spent, more printing issues just kept piling up.”


PrinterLogic enabled HOLT to significantly reduce the help desk tickets related to print issues. The combination of PrinterLogic’s ease of use and HOLT’s use of LANDESK to push the deployment made it painless to roll out PrinterLogic to all 2,500 employees throughout the company. HOLT’s support staff no longer needs to troubleshoot and constantly reboot print servers, and all HOLT employees can quickly and easily connect and print from anywhere, resulting in a reduction of print-related support costs.

“That’s a reduction of hundreds of support hours per month that was being spent on print-related issues,” said VanOrman.

Conclusion and Savings Summary

With PrinterLogic, HOLT was able to eliminate six different Windows Server 2003, 2008 and 2012 print servers. As a result, they were able to significantly reduce server costs, improve customer satisfaction by reducing downtime, and reduce the amount of support time that was spent on print-related issues. HOLT’s 2,500 employees are now free to focus on customer service instead of dealing with printing, enabling HOLT to increase customer satisfaction while reducing overall costs.

“Just the reduction in support time spent on printing each month provides an impressive ROI,” said VanOrman. “Not to mention the elimination of future print server upgrades and management costs.”

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