Case Study: Laser Spine Institute

Printers No Longer a Source of Chronic Pain for Laser Spine Institute

Laser Spine Institute Case Study


  • It was time-consuming for Laser Spine Institute’s IT team to configure and manage Windows print servers over the Wide Area Network (WAN)
  • Too many service desk calls related to end users who had difficulty finding and installing the correct local printers they needed to use
  • Printing over the WAN was bogging down the network


  • With PrinterLogic’s Enterprise Print Management platform, all printer driver updates are automatically managed, even over the WAN
  • As a result of the effectiveness of PrinterLogic’s self-service portal, service desk calls are nearly eliminated
  • PrinterLogic frees WAN bandwidth for other applications by eliminating WAN print traffic

With locations in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Oklahoma City, Philadelphia, Scottsdale, St. Louis, and Tampa, Laser Spine Institute has given more than 50,000 patients much needed relief from debilitating neck and back pain. As you would expect in a healthcare environment with seven office locations and 1,000 employees, their print demands were very high—and it was taking its toll in print management, Wide Area Network (WAN) traffic, and service desk calls.

Jeff Alway, applications specialist at Laser Spine Institute, says they were in search for a way to better manage their 233 printers and four print servers. “What we were doing wasn’t convenient for anyone, not for our administrators or our end users,” says Alway. Laser Spine Institute considered several ways to better manage their printers, including a management system that would help create group printer policies and scripting, but each approach proved inadequate.

“There was only one successful way we found to do this, and it’s PrinterLogic,” says Alway. That wouldn’t be a surprise to the 1,500 enterprises in more than 120 countries that already rely on PrinterLogic. As the world’s leading Enterprise Print Management provider, PrinterLogic enables organizations of all sizes to eliminate print servers. PrinterLogic’s on-premise, web-based print management platform simplifies print management, migration and deployment while significantly cutting printer-related costs.

With PrinterLogic, Laser Spine Institute was able to eliminate all four of its print servers. “We didn’t see anything that fit our needs as well as PrinterLogic. PrinterLogic came out on top by quite a bit,” says Alway.

Challenge #1—Windows Print Server Management

Previously, it was difficult for Laser Spine Institute to make changes in its printer environment. There were many issues with printer driver compatibility, ports, and hassles around manual printer additions. And installations, updates, and print server migrations were always slow.

“PrinterLogic has been a game changer for us when it comes to managing printers. We used to spend a ton of time babysitting printers. PrinterLogic turns managing printers from a full time job to an afterthought.”


PrinterLogic’s Enterprise Print Management platform includes a printer driver repository that automatically imports all existing printer drivers and settings. Today, PrinterLogic’s web-based console enables Laser Spine Institute to manage all of its printers on a single screen. No matter what size the organization, anyone authorized can view printers by country, state or region, building, and even floor number to select the precise printer they need. This has dramatically improved manageability for Laser Spine Institute.

“Printer deployments are a lot quicker now. We recently added three new sites, and configured 20 to 30 printers per site. Previously, we had to load all settings onto the print server and then replicate those settings across all the other print servers. Now, we simply export the data from PrinterLogic and change the names to reflect the new location, and we are done. This has cut deployment time from two to three days to one hour,” says Alway.

Challenge #2—Too Much Print Traffic Congesting the WAN

Laser Spine Institute has a distributed network with a number of slow connections. Because file compression was not available, there were considerable challenges with printing large files. Alway explains that a 10MB PDF would often bloat to 300MB when it entered the print spooler.


With PrinterLogic, Laser Spine Institute has been able to free up WAN bandwidth for other applications by eliminating WAN print traffic altogether. PrinterLogic enables Laser Spine Institute to print directly from end point devices to printers so print jobs do not cross the WAN. PrinterLogic also integrates with existing WAN caching technologies to avoid cross-WAN driver download—reducing network congestion and speeding up print times.

“With PrinterLogic, we now simply set up a folder, import all of the information, and we are good to go. The only data that goes over the WAN is print driver information. This has almost completely eliminated printer-related WAN traffic,” says Alway.

Challenge #3—Too Many Printer-Related Service Desk Calls

Previously, end users would have to find the master printer list and try to figure out which printer they needed. “It was very complex for the end user to install or manage their own printers,” says Alway. Calls related to printer installation were a large percentage of the company’s service desk calls. “Now they are nearly zero. The only printer-related service desk calls we get now are from those who don’t know about PrinterLogic, and once we point them to the PrinterLogic self-service portal, they get it immediately,” says Alway.


With PrinterLogic’s self-service printer installation, users simply select the PrinterLogic icon, choose the nearest printer from a floor map, and then it is instantly installed without the user needing to follow any complicated instructions regarding printer driver downloads or port configurations.

“It is incredibly simple. We were in the process of putting together a PrinterLogic user manual, but everyone figured out how to use it before we could finish it. If you have been to a mall and used an interactive map, you know how to use PrinterLogic to install printers,” says Alway.

Conclusion and Savings Summary

Before PrinterLogic, Laser Spine Institute faced many challenges surrounding the management of its print servers, print-related WAN traffic, and printer-related service desk calls. It was challenging and distracting for its IT team, and wasn’t at all convenient for its end users. Through PrinterLogic, Laser Spine Institute was able to solve all of these issues while saving money, reducing WAN traffic and making their users’ lives easier.

“PrinterLogic has been a game changer for us when it comes to managing printers. We used to spend a ton of time babysitting printers. PrinterLogic turns managing printers from a full time job to an afterthought,” says Alway.

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