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New Pig Corporation Slashes Printer Deployment Times with PrinterLogic

New Pig Corporation Case Study


  • Printer deployment could take up to an hour for each individual end-user, highlighting the need for automatic and more rapid deployments
  • Administration was a “cumbersome, time-consuming” process in the company’s distributed, print-server-based print environment
  • End-user printer installation was possible but not practical; simply locating available printers was difficult


  • Estimated printer deployment times were halved—or more—following the implementation of PrinterLogic
  • With PrinterLogic’s intuitive centralized management and unparalleled ease of use, the company’s print environment is now better organized and more efficiently managed
  • The PrinterLogic self-service portal allows end-users to identify and install printers themselves with ease

New Pig Corporation launched in 1985 with a pair of old pantyhose stuffed with ground corncob. That was the prototype "pig"—a contained industrial absorbent sock that could be used in factories to clean up puddles of oil and other chemical spills.

More than 30 years later, New Pig has established itself as a top innovator in industrial leak and spill management as well as industrial safety and plant maintenance. The company's extensive product line includes multiple-award-winning absorbent mats, socks, booms, pillows and pans, and it supplies more than 200,000 customers located in 70 different countries. New Pig enjoys a stellar reputation not just for its forward-thinking products but also its outstanding customer service, which is enshrined in the company's trademarked No Guff Guarantee.

Like most businesses in its sector, New Pig Corporation has substantial printing demands. With a distributed, mixed-platform print environment that consists of more than 200 printers across roughly 11 locations—including a multi-building main campus in Tipton, Pennsylvania along with several overseas affiliates—the company needed a print management solution that would seamlessly unite these geographically distinct sites without compromising on functionality. Instead, it had adopted a traditional solution whereby each location had been equipped with its own Microsoft print server.

"Honestly, when we first came across PrinterLogic at the Pink Elephant IT conference, it's not like we were even actively looking for a new printing solution," says New Pig Helpdesk Manager Steve Haupt. "It was a situation where we saw it and suddenly realized that it was a way to leave our old print server environment behind for good."

PrinterLogic wasn’t the only solution the company considered for managing its fleet of roughly 300 printers. Hayes and her colleagues looked at competing products and even thought about implementing a “local TCP/IP solution” that would deploy printers using group policy objects (GPOs).

Casey Maines, Senior Systems Administrator at New Pig, explains some of the drawbacks of that aging print server environment:

"In the past, users had issues if they ever dared to install printers themselves. They also had trouble finding printers. Plus if a print server started acting goofy, it ended up affecting everyone and no one could print while the print server was down.

“PrinterLogic makes life with printers so much easier. We like its control. We like its simplicity.”

"That's why it just made a lot of sense to us to move to this type of solution. Then we did a trial run of PrinterLogic and we really liked it. It showed us that we could not only eliminate print servers but also enjoy greater printing availability."

Challenge #1—Accelerating and Automating Printer Deployment

Haupt cites "ease of [printer] deployment" as one of the most influential reasons behind New Pig's migration to PrinterLogic.

"I'm in charge of the helpdesk group, and my team is the one that handles the requests that come in," he says.

"Back before we had PrinterLogic, there were times it would take us literally ten minutes to set up a new printer. And that was just one printer. And most users have more than just one printer. So you take ten minutes and multiply it by five printers—suddenly you're easily approaching an hour just to set up the necessary printers for a single user."


Thanks to its practical automation features and the absence of any complex group policy objects (GPOs) or scripts, printer deployment in PrinterLogic has made it significantly easier for the New Pig IT team to deliver the right printers to its employees without delay.

"The ease of deployment and the ease of setting up printers now, compared to what we used to have to go through, well, it probably takes half the time that it did before. Actually, I'm thinking it's even less than half the time because of how quickly and automatically PrinterLogic deploys printers and all the related drivers.

"From a helpdesk perspective, PrinterLogic has been a blessing for us. From a user perspective, even though they don't see behind the scenes, they can definitely see the benefits," says Haupt.

Challenge #2—Improving Enterprise-wide Ease of Management

"Managing in Windows was very cumbersome," says Maines. "It was a very manual, time-consuming process."

Printer and driver management were further complicated by New Pig's distributed environment. With a separate print server at each location and without PrinterLogic's acclaimed centralized management, the IT team had a hard time administering printers and managing drivers across the organization.


According to Maines, the difference between PrinterLogic and the old print server environment is "night and day" when it comes to administration.

"The web interface to manage printers in PrinterLogic is just awesome," he says. "I love being able to create a new printer so easily, especially if it's a printer model that we already have in there. We can just pick the driver we want to use—it's already there. We don't have to install anything else. And if it is a new [printer] model, it's really easy to just upload the new driver.

"We have our environment organized very well now—much better than we ever did before. It's easy to find what printers are where. We don't always give our printers the most recognizable names, and they're kind of spread out, but we're able to view and manage all of that easily inside the admin portal."

Challenge #3—Streamlining End-user Printer Installation

New Pig's end-users did have the ability to install printers on their own in the company's previous Windows print server environment. But that didn't mean those end-users were necessarily up to the task, or that these printer installations went smoothly. Much of the time they were unable to even locate and identify the correct printer to install.


"What sold us on PrinterLogic was seeing how easy it was to allow regular users to go in and install their own printers quickly and without any hassle at all," says Haupt. "The more exciting thing for me was the graphic capability in PrinterLogic—the ability to upload a floorplan map that displays all your printers, so your end-users can just glance at it and see exactly where the nearest printer is, then install it with a click."

"Today when we install a new machine for our users, our helpdesk folks install the PrinterLogic client and load up any printers that need to be there. Then we can just send the user on their merry way, because we know everything is taken care of from a printing standpoint."

Conclusion and Savings Summary

Because PrinterLogic was not part of a planned system-wide rollout, New Pig continues to implement its new print management solution in stages to each location within its organization. With each new deployment, the company's print server infrastructure shrinks while the reliability, functionality and oversight of its enterprise print environment grow.

"We're still in the process of converting, but it's been going very well," says Maines. "At each location we used to have a domain controller, a file server and print server. The print server functionality has now been replaced by PrinterLogic, which is automatically updated by the source at our headquarters.

"We haven't done a hard ROI analysis because the time we're saving in print management is probably partially offset by the time we're putting into deployment at the moment. But one thing is for sure: It's definitely been worth it. PrinterLogic makes life with printers so much easier. We like its control. We like its simplicity."

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