Seventy Seven Energy

Seventy Seven Energy Centrally Manages Printers Across 38 Offices and Prepares for BYOD Future

Seventy Seven Energy Case Study


  • Seventy Seven Energy was a spin-off company, and needed a print management solution that was easy to deploy and simple to scale as they grew the business
  • The company’s offices are geographically dispersed, and it needed a solution that would enable its small IT staff to manage all sites centrally
  • It needed a solution that would enable anyone to easily deploy a printer and enable mobile & BYOD printing, both on- and off-network


  • PrinterLogic enabled the company to easily set up all of its printers ahead of time and transition them all over at once, seamlessly
  • New and existing printers are now centrally managed enterprise-wide across more than 38 locations
  • In preparation for a primarily BYOD future, the company can now enable any user to add printers and print easily—without IT involvement—whether they are on- or off-network

Headquartered in Oklahoma City, Seventy Seven Energy is a diversified oilfield services company that provides a wide range of well-site services and equipment to U.S. land-based exploration and production (“E&P”) customers operating in unconventional resource plays. Through its umbrella of affiliates, Seventy Seven Energy provides comprehensive upstream services, including drilling, pressure pumping and oilfield rental tools.

Back in 2014, Seventy Seven Energy was created as a spin-off of Chesapeake Energy Corporation, and became its own standalone, publicly-traded oilfield services company. Today, the company’s operations are geographically diversified across many of the most active oil and natural gas plays in the onshore United States. It currently has over 4,500 employees spread across 38 offices nationwide.

At the time of the spin-off, however, the team had an opportunity to start a completely greenfield IT environment, and one of the critical items they wanted to figure out was how to avoid printing problems as they scaled.

“We had a rare opportunity where we were not limited by the legacy technology, so we wanted to find a way to avoid all the printing problems that had plagued us before,” said Chris Dodds, Lead Enterprise System Engineer at Seventy Seven Energy.

Based on the rapid expansion the company had planned, the small IT team at Seventy Seven Energy knew they needed to take control of their enterprise print environment from the very beginning. The company decided it needed a print management solution that would:

  • Streamline printer deployment while enabling them to scale quickly
  • Provide simple management of many diverse locations from a single console
  • Enable easy mobile & BYOD printing for mobile employees and guests

After comparing the capabilities of Windows Print Servers, two of PrinterLogic’s competitors, and PrinterLogic, Seventy Seven Energy determined that PrinterLogic was the only enterprise print management solution that could meet their needs.

Challenge #1—Planning a greenfield printer environment that can easily scale

During the process of being spun off from another large, public company, the IT team from Seventy Seven Energy found themselves in a unique position. They had a lot of different sites and hundreds of multi-function devices (MFDs) that they needed to establish the printer ecosystem for—but they were unencumbered by legacy infrastructure. They needed a solution that would enable them to quickly deploy in this greenfield environment—but in a way that would help them avoid the pitfalls of the legacy infrastructure.

"We were considering Windows Print Servers, but we wanted to find a better solution that wouldn’t inevitably lead to all of the print server headaches down the road as we scaled," says Dodds.

“The functionality built into PrinterLogic is the only solution we found that could support the off-network, BYOD functionality we need.”


Seventy Seven Energy selected PrinterLogic primarily based on its ease of deployment and use. PrinterLogic enabled Seventy Seven Energy to set up over 100 MFDs in advance, and then, when they were ready, all they needed to do was make a simple IP change within PrinterLogic’s platform and all devices were seamlessly transitioned.

“Transitioning all of our devices to a new, greenfield deployment could have been a nightmare if we had to deploy new print servers at each location and build custom solutions to transition all our existing devices,” says Dodds. “But with PrinterLogic, it was beyond simple. And the elimination of print servers from the beginning will help us avoid all that complexity in the future.”

Challenge #2—Central (and simple) management of dispersed locations

Seventy Seven Energy was starting their deployment from scratch, but they needed to quickly expand to dozens of sites across the U.S. The deployment also covers over 4,500 employees nationwide—but needs to be easily managed by an internal IT team of 36, of which just 12 focus on infrastructure for the entire company. Finding a print management solution that would enable their infrastructure team to quickly and easily manage the entire distributed print environment from a single location was important.

“Ease of use was a critical consideration when we were making our selection,” says Dodds. “We came from an environment built on Windows Print Servers with complex custom solutions that were very difficult to manage—so we knew we needed a different approach that would only take a fraction of the time.”


PrinterLogic provides Seventy Seven Energy with a single, consistent print management console for the entire enterprise. As a result, the IT team can now auto-deploy printers without complicated scripts, GPOs or print servers. They can also set or change default printer preferences with the click of a box. Any and all changes made are automatically updated throughout the system without any need for onsite support.

“With PrinterLogic, print management is very simple,” says Dodds. “Now, we make driver changes or update printer profiles and everything is updated automatically system-wide. No complex scripting or custom-built solutions required. It could not be easier.”

Seventy Seven Energy also has a largely virtual environment, running primarily in VMware’s private cloud with some additional infrastructure in Microsoft Azure. PrinterLogic’s ability to eliminate print servers helps them maintain an easy-to-manage environment with almost zero onsite infrastructure.

“We run PrinterLogic off of VMware’s private cloud, which not only saved us a ton in up-front server costs, but it also eliminates the headache of managing a lot of physical infrastructure,” says Dodds.

Challenge #3—Enabling simple mobile & BYOD printing

In addition to the company's 38 sites, Seventy Seven Energy had to account for its mobile workforce, as well as guests, partners and external contractors. Regardless of what location these mobile employees or guests are at, they all need to be able to seamlessly connect to the nearest printer, preferably without calling the service desk. Seventy Seven Energy also wanted to plan ahead for what they assume will be a primarily BYOD future.

"We think a primarily BYOD environment—where most devices are off-network—is inevitable, and we need to be prepared for that future today,” says Dodds. “Even today, with a combination of on- and off-network users, we needed a solution that would ensure mobile users were always able to print, no matter where they were.”


PrinterLogic’s Mobile Printing and BYOD & Guest Printing capabilities enable Seventy Seven Energy to meet the mobile printing demands of their users today while preparing for the BYOD needs of the future. With PrinterLogic, there is no software for the user to install, so mobile employees and guests—regardless of whether they are on-network or off—no longer need to call IT for help installing the printers at each new location they visit.

“The functionality built into PrinterLogic is the only solution we found that could support the off-network, BYOD functionality we need,” says Dodds. “We also look forward to utilizing PrinterLogic’s email-to-print functionality.”

Conclusion and Savings Summary

After testing and comparing Windows Print Servers, several competitive solutions, and PrinterLogic, Seventy Seven Energy selected PrinterLogic for its enterprise-wide print management solution. After deploying PrinterLogic across all 38 locations and to 4,500 employees, the results have been remarkable:

  • 50% reduction in time spent on print management
  • Elimination of up-front print server costs
  • Significant reduction in printer-related service desk calls

In addition to simplifying management, dramatically cutting cost and reducing service desk calls, PrinterLogic is also enabling Seventy Seven Energy to make its mobile employees, BYOD users and guests more productive. PrinterLogic enables any mobile employee, contractor, partner or guest to easily print to the closest printer, without the installation of any printers or the need for print servers.

“PrinterLogic is the most simple to use and most future-proof print management solution on the market,” says Dodds.

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