Sundt Construction Virtually Eliminates Printer-Related Help Desk Calls

Sundt Construction Case Study


  • Difficulty deploying, managing, and supporting printers in remote and often temporary offices
  • Too many printer-related help desk calls, including printer support needed for each new job site
  • Lack of visibility: offices would call requesting to print in certain formats but Sundt Construction’s IT department couldn’t easily see the capabilities of printers in remote locations


  • With PrinterLogic, Sundt was able to simplify and centrally manage all print environments throughout the nation
  • The PrinterLogic Self-service Installation Portal has virtually eliminated printer-related help desk calls
  • PrinterLogic’s reporting provides the IT team all details regarding the capabilities of remote printers, and the ability to set and keep money-saving policies, such as maintaining B&W print settings

Though Sundt Construction began as a sole proprietorship, it has grown into an industry leader that today stands as one of the oldest and largest construction companies in the United States. Known nationally for its innovative approach to construction services, the firm is currently ranked 62nd among the largest construction companies in the country.

Innovation has long been an essential part of Sundt’s corporate culture and a major reason why it remains at the forefront of new technologies and approaches that are revolutionizing construction. As Sundt Construction grew, it found that deploying and managing printers at its 51 sites around the country grew too unwieldy. That’s why Jennyfer Rusnak, senior technical support engineer, was intrigued when she saw a large sign promising to Eliminate Print Servers at a prominent trade show.

“I’d not heard of, or even considered, eliminating print servers as a possibility before, and it sounded very appealing,” Rusnak says. After a PrinterLogic demonstration, Rusnak immediately realized the benefits that eliminating print servers would bring to Sundt. She was also impressed with the capabilities of self-service printer setup, increased insight into Sundt’s printer asset inventory, and the group policy setting and enforcement capabilities that PrinterLogic’s web-based print management solution provides.

Sundt selected PrinterLogic as its enterprise print management solution, and completed its rollout very quickly, encompassing 132 printers at 51 locations and 640 end user systems.

Challenge #1—Simplify and Centrally Manage All Print Environments Across 46 States

As a construction company, Sundt has temporary offices being set up constantly—each with its own printer. This required the IT team to set up each printer individually, download the associated printer driver, and configure that printer. Rusnak relied on login scripts and group policies to set up remote printers, but if there wasn’t an Internet connection available, which was too common, there was no easy way to get those printers set up.

“PrinterLogic has been fantastic. Getting rid of all of our print servers and deploying printers without having to mess with group policies is fantastic. The console is so simple anyone can use it, and we didn’t have to write a ‘How To’ document. We are very happy with our decision to choose PrinterLogic.”


Sundt now relies on PrinterLogic’s web-based application that enables anyone at these remote sites—regardless of technical background—to quickly and easily set up their own printers. Better yet, PrinterLogic enables this without the need for print servers, group policies or scripts, no matter the IT architecture: whether in a traditional environment, container, or Citrix and VMware.

“Deploying the PrinterLogic client to all of our locations was very quick and easy. The portal is really simple to use,” Rusnak says.

Challenge #2—Too Many Help Desk Calls

With 51 remote and temporary offices, and over a hundred printers connected to various types of IT environments, Sundt’s IT team was inundated with service desk calls related to printers.

“Each new job site was an automatic source of printer support calls,” Rusnak says.


With a single enterprise portal, all Sundt users—no matter where they work—can instantly see all of the printers that they have rights to print to and install. Users can quickly find and install printers with just a few clicks, enabling them to easily print without any IT intervention. This has dramatically reduced help desk calls; end users are now happy and instantly productive; and the help desk can focus on more complex issues.

“Within weeks of using PrinterLogic, our printer support calls were greatly reduced. And the support calls we do get are easily resolved by reminding them they can use PrinterLogic,” Rusnak says. “It’s a very easy, self-service process for them.”

Challenge #3—Obtaining Clear Printer Visibility into Printer Assets, and Improving Remote Manageability

Clearly, managing all of those remote locations was challenging enough, let alone trying to attain the visibility needed at each location to provide proper support. This not only made it difficult to manage and keep the appropriate printer drivers up to date, but it also made it difficult to manage the printers appropriately and keep costs low by enforcing policies such as black-and-white or double-sided printing.


With PrinterLogic, Sundt was able to eliminate their print servers and easily migrate all printer settings, enabling the construction company to centrally manage a direct IP printing environment. And when changes do need to be made with one—or all—printers, the Find and Replace function can be used to seamlessly change deployment assignments, drivers, ports, comments, and more.

PrinterLogic also provides Sundt with comprehensive visibility into the current state of all of its printers. With Status View, it can instantly see the online status of printers, either as the entire fleet or specific units. PrinterLogic’s Monitoring Status function enables the capture of SNMP notifications, such as when ink or paper are low.

Conclusion and Savings Summary

Since deploying PrinterLogic, Sundt has been able to eliminate print servers, reduce help desk calls, and centrally manage all of its direct IP printers. In addition to the cost and time savings associated with significantly fewer printer support calls, Sundt has been able to reduce printer-related costs with its increased visibility into, and overall optimization of, its entire fleet of printers.

“PrinterLogic has been fantastic. Getting rid of all of our print servers and deploying printers without having to mess with group policies is fantastic,” Rusnak says. “The console is so simple anyone can use it, and we didn’t have to write a ‘How To’ document. We are very happy with our decision to choose PrinterLogic.”

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