Simplifying Printing Across 2,400 Locations in a Virtualized Environment

VCPI Case Study


  • Enabling end users to easily print anywhere across 2,400+ locations
  • Increasing performance and reducing costs for all of its clients
  • Simplify and centrally manage all print environments across 46 states


  • Eliminated print servers and enable simple, floor plan-enabled printer configuration nationwide
  • Improved performance and availability, decreased hardware costs and service desk calls
  • Easily managing more than 11,000 printers from a single pane of glass

Headquartered in Milwaukee, VCPI’s customized IT solutions solve business challenges inherent in the long-term and post-acute health care (LTPAC) industry and enable clients to focus on taking care of patients and residents. Our nationwide client base relies on VCPI experts to deliver innovative and LTPAC-exclusive solutions. Founded in 2000, VCPI (Virtual Care Provider℠) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Extendicare Inc.

With thousands of customers distributed across 46 states, VCPI found that—despite the many benefits of a virtual desktop environment—the printing environment was increasingly difficult to manage. VCPI determined it needed a printing solution that would increase service to its customers while keeping costs low—all while improving print management.

“If you have a virtual environment, you simply have to deploy PrinterLogic. It has fundamentally changed—and improved—the way that we deliver print services in our virtual desktop environment, all while reducing cost. I don’t know what we did before PrinterLogic.”

“Our entire mission is to provide and manage high-performance technology solutions so our clients can focus on what matters—the care of their patients,” said Eric Graham, Chief Technology Officer at VCPI. “But in our virtualized environment, we increasingly saw printing becoming an issue both for us and for our end users. That was simply unacceptable, so we set out to find a print management solution that would enable us to ensure performance and the satisfaction of our customers.”

VCPI determined it needed a print management solution that was:

  • Capable of managing highly-distributed print environments
  • Able to simplify the printing experience for end users
  • Compatible with virtual desktop environments

After evaluating PrinterLogic alongside competitive solutions from Cortado (ThinPrint), VMware, Citrix and Microsoft, VCPI selected PrinterLogic as their Enterprise Print Management solution company-wide.

Challenge #1—Enabling End Users to Easily Print Anywhere Across 2,400 Locations

As the premier provider of technology consulting and solutions for LTPAC health care providers, VCPI manages thousands of client sites throughout 46 states. Because VCPI operates in a virtual desktop environment, it needed a way to manage printing for each virtual desktop across all 2,400 sites. And most importantly, it needed to ensure consistent printing behavior despite the facility, client or location.

“At the end of the day, our end users don’t care how it works—just as long as it works,” said Graham. “They need to be able to quickly and easily print no matter where they are, and it needs to be intuitive for the user.”


PrinterLogic’s easy-to-use self-installation portal makes printing incredibly simple for all users, without the need for any technical expertise. VCPI now has a single, consistent printer installation portal across its entire enterprise, which enables users to quickly and easily pull up a floor plan map to locate and install the printer closest to them.

“Our clients absolutely love the simple interface that PrinterLogic provides,” said Graham. “Everyone, regardless of technical ability, can quickly and easily locate a printer and start printing. Everything just works, without complications.”

Challenge #2—Increasing Performance and Reducing Costs for All Customers

Despite the many benefits of a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), it is well known that VDI introduces several printing issues that can be difficult to overcome. From frequent print spooler crashes to issues with recognizing print drivers, VCPI noticed VDI-related printing problems can seriously impact the daily operations of its clients. And because of the scale of VCPI’s business, it needed a solution enabling them to solve these issues without increasing costs.

“We want our clients to focus on providing the best care possible—not worry about whether or not a critical form is going to print,” said Graham. “And our clients shouldn’t have to pay extra for that. We needed a solution that would help us guarantee performance while keeping our costs to clients as low as possible.”


PrinterLogic enabled VCPI to eliminate most of its print servers nationwide, drastically reducing upfront hardware and management costs. The ease of use for the end user has also nearly eliminated printer-related service desk calls, saving VCPI a lot of time (and money) previously spent trying to remotely address printer issues.

“PrinterLogic has dramatically reduced the amount we spend on print-related issues, and we are able to pass those savings along to our clients,” said Graham. “Not only does it keep the cost low, but the solution also works to ensure everyone is able to print, all the time, with no single point of failure. PrinterLogic provides higher performance printing for our users, while reducing costs. It’s the best of both worlds.”

“PrinterLogic has enabled us to centrally manage more than 11,000 direct IP printers across thousands of users, all on a single platform.”

Challenge #3—Easily and Centrally Manage All Print Environments Across 46 States

With more than 11,000 printers to manage across 2,400 locations in 46 states, VCPI was painfully aware of the amount of difficulties of managing printing for that many endpoints in a diverse virtualized environment.

“Typically, in virtual environments, most vendors tell you the easiest way to print is to have each computer using its own native print drivers,” said Graham. “But when you’re serving a client base as large as ours, it becomes nearly impossible to individually manage more than 11,000 printers.”


PrinterLogic provides a single repository for all printer drivers, enabling simple deployment and management of printers regardless of location. PrinterLogic also helps to provision direct IP printers to each individual endpoint device, which enables print job compression, driver-less printing and simplified administration—all from a single pane of glass.

“PrinterLogic has enabled us to centrally manage more than 11,000 direct IP printers across thousands of users, all on a single platform,” said Graham. “We can now manage all of our printing services nationwide with just two people, which frees up time for our staff to dedicate to other services.”

Conclusion and Savings Summary

PrinterLogic helped VCPI reinforce its corporate mission to provide its customers with better technology services at a lower cost so that its clients could forget about technology and focus on patient care. VCPI was able to eliminate print servers, provide higher performance and more consistent print services, and reduce cost for its clients. And it was able to do this across a massively distributed and virtualized network, while simplifying management.

“If you have a virtual environment, you simply have to deploy PrinterLogic,” said Graham. “It has fundamentally changed—and improved—the way that we deliver print services in our virtual desktop environment, all while reducing cost. I don’t know what we did before PrinterLogic.”

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