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Eliminating Print Servers Instead Of Upgrading To Windows Server 2012

Zeus Industrial Products Case Study
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  • Zeus Industrial Products was ready to migrate its old Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 print servers, but wanted to avoid the cost and complexity of upgrading four print servers
  • Zeus’s printer environment was plagued with print driver interoperability issues, and it needed a simple, centralized solution for print driver management
  • Daily print server issues and outages resulted in a deluge of print-related help desk calls and frustrated users


  • Rather than purchasing four new print servers, Zeus was able to eliminate all of their print servers with PrinterLogic
  • PrinterLogic provides a single solution for both 32- and 64-bit print drivers, enabling centralized management of all drivers from a single pane of glass
  • Zeus was able to eliminate offline printers and reduce print-related help desk calls by over 75 percent

Zeus Industrial Products is one of the world’s leading polymer tubing and material science innovators, with nearly 50 years of experience in medicine, aerospace, oil and gas, automotive, fiber optics and other industries. Headquartered in Orangeburg, South Carolina, Zeus employs approximately 1,600 people worldwide and operates multiple facilities in North America and internationally.

Across its North American facilities—including three plants in South Carolina and one plant in New Jersey—Zeus was dealing with daily print server outages that hindered users’ ability to print. Print-related issues were a daily headache for IT staff, and as a result, the volume of print-related help desk calls from users was at an all-time high. Zeus needed to upgrade its current environment, which included a mix of both Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 print servers.

“Our print environment was unreliable and frustrating, and we needed to provide a better solution for our users,” said Derek Bryant, Systems Engineer at Zeus. “But the significant cost of purchasing four new print servers, not to mention the deployment and management headaches that would follow, were disheartening. I couldn’t help but think that there must be another way.”

Zeus determined that it needed a print management solution that was:

  • Capable of providing centralized management
  • Web-based and scalable
  • Simple for both administrators and end-users

After evaluating PrinterLogic, Zeus decided to eliminate its print servers altogether, and selected PrinterLogic as their Enterprise Print Management solution company-wide.

Challenge #1—Avoiding the Cost and Complexity of Upgrading to Windows Server 2012

In North America alone, Zeus had four facilities and four distributed print servers running either Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008. Their print environment was plagued with print server issues, and the company knew it needed to upgrade its servers. But the cost of four new print servers, plus the time and expense of deploying and managing them, was prohibitive. Zeus was looking for a simpler, more cost-effective solution.

“I was at a trade show and saw a huge booth sign that simply said 'Eliminate Print Servers,' and that message blew my mind,” said Bryant. “I honestly didn’t even know that was an option.”

“The amount that PrinterLogic saved us in hardware cost is outweighed only by how much time this has saved us. Deployment was incredibly easy, and we’ve reduced help desk calls by over 75 percent.”


Zeus decided to evaluate PrinterLogic, and quickly realized that they could eliminate all of their print servers while gaining significant operational efficiencies—at a significantly lower cost. The company has deployed PrinterLogic across all four of its North American facilities, covering over 1,600 users and 500 printers. PrinterLogic enabled Zeus to easily import and maintain existing printer configurations, making deployment seamless and simple.

“I was able to easily deploy PrinterLogic to all 1,600 employees—by myself—in just a matter of days,” said Bryant. “And better yet, the process was invisible to our users. We didn’t receive a single help-desk call throughout the process, and everything just worked for our users.”

Challenge #2—Eliminating Print Driver Interoperability and Managing Everything Centrally

Because it had a mixed environment of 2003 and 2008 print servers, Zeus’ was constantly dealing with printer driver interoperability issues. Zeus’ file servers were always at odds with its print servers, and printers were always going offline. It needed a way to handle both 32- and 64-bit print drivers and manage everything centrally.

“Print driver interoperability was a constant battle, and we were losing,” said Bryant.


With PrinterLogic, Zeus benefits from a single print driver database that is centrally managed. Instead of managing many versions of printer drivers and trying to ensure that each printer in the organization always had the latest updates, PrinterLogic is able to manage drivers automatically. PrinterLogic automatically pushes all printer drivers to all workstations ensuring that drivers are always up to date and printers are ready to receive print jobs.

“The fact that I can manage 500 printers from a single pane of glass, and never have to worry about managing printer drivers again, is incredible,” said Bryant.

Challenge #3—Reducing Printer Downtime and Print-Related Help Desk Calls

The frequent print server issues Zeus was facing caused daily printer outages, resulting in an extremely high volume of help desk calls. Zeus’ IT staff was bogged down, and just as one problem was fixed, another would arise. This was frustrating to users, but also disruptive to their business. Not to mention the amount of time and cost fixing these issues entailed.

“We weren’t just dealing with the occasional help desk call—we were dealing with a high volume of print-related calls each and every day,” said Bryant. “It was frustrating, and our users deserved better.”


By eliminating print servers with PrinterLogic, Zeus also eliminated the deluge of help desk calls. PrinterLogic simplified Zeus’ print environment and eliminated print downtime, making sure everyone could print anytime and anywhere. In addition to solidifying printer availability, PrinterLogic also makes it extremely simple and transparent to deploy new printers for users—eliminating any help desk calls related to printer installation.

“Printer issues are simply gone now,” said Bryant. “We never worry about whether or not someone is going to be able to print today.”

Conclusion and Savings Summary

Zeus was facing a common dilemma—the decision of whether or not to migrate from Windows Server 2003/2008 to Windows Server 2012. The hardware cost alone is prohibitive, and too often the management and maintenance of those servers create additional headaches.

With PrinterLogic, Zeus was able to completely eliminate print servers across all four of its North American facilities. Not only did this eliminate the upfront hardware costs, but it also eradicated the print-related problems caused by its previous print servers. As a result, Zeus’ users enjoy high-performance, highly-reliable printing, and Zeus’ IT staff spends less time than ever dealing with its print environment.

“The amount that PrinterLogic saved us in hardware cost is outweighed only by how much time this has saved us,” said Bryant. “Deployment was incredibly easy, and we’ve reduced help desk calls by over 75 percent.”

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