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Chromebooks bring a lot of advantages to your organization, but printing simply is not one of them. At PrinterLogic, we know how painful the setup of Google Cloud Print can be - especially as you try to scale - and we’ve created a solution to eliminate those headaches for your IT staff.

PrinterLogic’s web-based app enables you to quickly and easily print from Chromebooks—with or without the use of Google Cloud Print. And if you’re looking for added security and control of your print environment, PrinterLogic’s Mobile Printing module enables Chromebooks to be used to select and release stored print jobs. This method does not require specialty printers or any additional hardware to be placed at the printers.

Chromebook Printing with PrinterLogic

PrinterLogic gives you flexible printing options to print from Chromebook including leveraging and managing Google Cloud Print or using email to print features. PrinterLogic’s Chromebook printing capabilities deliver the following benefits:

Fast and Simple
Integrates seamlessly with Google’s native Google Cloud Print allowing users to print to a single Google Cloud Print provisioned printer and releasing the print job at the desired nearby physical printer.

Supports any network printer even if the printer is not Google Cloud Print capable.

Integrates with Active Directory to enable you to specify what users can print, and to which printers.

Reduced Cost
Reduce printing costs by automatically deleting print jobs that were not released.

With PrinterLogic, you can replace all the functionality that print servers used to provide, while adding many new features that simplify print management and provisioning, reduce costs, and empower users to install printers for themselves, without calling the help desk.
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