How it Works

  1. Deploy client extension to Chrome OS users via Google Admin Console
  2. Manage printer objects and deployment settings in PrinterLogic Admin Console
  3. Printer deployments and print job metadata sent via port 443
  4. Print directly from any Chrome OS endpoint to any printer


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Migrating from Google Cloud Print to Centrally Managed Direct IP Printing

From The Blog:

The new PrinterLogic Chrome OS Client Extension empowers you to centrally manage direct IP printing for Chromebook users alongside Windows, Mac, and Linux. This means you can deliver a Serverless Printing Infrastructure with a single management interface and avoid sending your print jobs to the cloud. Since PrinterLogic licensing is not user-based, there is no additional cost required to deploy this to Chrome OS users.

If you’re looking for a high-value, low-cost centralized printer management solution to maintain, deploy and support mid-sized to enterprise-class IT environments, you don’t need to look any further than PrinterLogic.

— Senior Vice President, Banner Bank

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