Complete Front to Back-End Print Management

The integration of PrinterLogic and Plus Technologies' OM Plus Delivery Manager provides front-end and back-end printer management.


  • Printer Installer, an on-premise web application that enables IT to manage and automate the creation/propagation of printer ‘OBJECTS’ and printer ‘DRIVERS’ across the print environment from a single Admin console.
  • Printer objects created in Printer Installer are replicated to the Plus Technologies’ OM Plus Delivery Manager back-end print environment.
  • OM Plus Delivery Manager manages the delivery of business process-related print jobs from applications, such as EMR, ERP, SAP accounting systems and desktops. It provides advanced rules-based document delivery, confirmation of delivery, load balancing, monitoring, proactive alerts, reporting, support toolsets and more.
  • Both solutions help reduce the number of print servers.

Today, IT departments are looking for Enterprise print management solutions that can overcome the challenges above for both front-end printing and back-end printing environments. Front-end printing refers to when users go through a standard Windows print experience and they can choose printers/preferences. Back-end printing is when users go through a print experience dictated by the application software where they have limited or no choice of printers and preferences.

By integrating these solutions, we are able to provide an enterprise-class print management solution that empowers IT to manage their entire print environment.
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