PrinterLogic delivers an on-premise web application that simplifies the management, migration, and provisioning of printers. Explore the solutions below to learn how PrinterLogic can help in your print environment.

Few things call for more versatility than enterprise print management. There's the hardware component, where you need to manage a broad range of different devices. Then there's the software component—different drivers, different third-party platforms, different operating systems.

And then there's the human component, which might be the most varied of them all. There are in-house employees, mobile employees, contractors and guests, each with individual requirements and skill sets. Yet for your organization to be productive and efficient, they all have to be able to print without effort.

PrinterLogic is the enterprise print management solution that embodies versatility and power. Able to integrate seamlessly into any environment, with or without print servers, PrinterLogic allows you to centrally manage each and every networked printer in your organization from a single pane of glass. That includes:

  • Creating, modifying and deleting printers—selectively or en masse
  • Initiating dynamic deployments according to Active Directory users, groups, containers, hostnames, IP address ranges, and more
  • Monitoring printer queues and deleting stuck jobs on workstations throughout your organization
  • Auditing print jobs on both macro and micro levels to reduce consumables usage and reveal print costs
  • Administering driver updates, profile settings, and custom configurations
  • Eliminating expensive print servers altogether along with the demands of scripts and group policy objects (GPOs)

Want to empower your employees to perform routine printer installs themselves, without help desk calls? PrinterLogic does that, too. Through its consistent self-service portal, PrinterLogic makes it easy for end users with minimal IT skills to install and print to authorized printers within minutes. Instead of making service desk calls full of panic and frustration, your employees are up and running with a few simple clicks. You can even upload floor plan maps so users can identify and install the printers closest to them.

And PrinterLogic is already meeting the growing demand for enterprise mobile printing. With built-in support for bring your own device (BYOD) employees and guests, it makes enterprise printing as easy for your mobile workforce as emailing.

So whether your enterprise print environment consists of ten printers or 10,000, or whether it relies on Mac, Windows, Linux, Citrix, VMware, or all of the above, PrinterLogic is the enterprise mobile printing software that is flexible yet robust enough to meet the diverse printing challenges of your entire organization.

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