Five Critical Mistakes in Banking That Make Printing Vulnerable & Expensive

Based on a survey of IT professionals, we identified five critical mistakes in banking that impact data security and compliance, interrupt critical business transactions, and are expensive in terms of infrastructure and help-desk calls.

The banking industry is one of the most regulated and scrutinized industries in our economy. Based on interviews with hundreds of IT professionals, we identify five common mistakes and issues, including several that directly impact data security and compliance.

This four-page white paper is a quick read, and explores each of these printer-management issues—including the handling of sensitive documents, outmoded and inefficient admin strategies, VDI printing performance, and costly interruptions in banking transactions.

A number of compelling solutions are also discussed, including a fundamentally different approach to printer administration that not only conserves IT resources and hard costs, but also leads to improved end-user productivity. Real-life examples and quotes from banking IT professionals are included.

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