K-12 Classroom Secrets for Making Printers Easier to Manage and Turning Teachers into Raving Fans

Based on a survey of K-12 IT professionals, we identified five common printer management problems and proven solutions to save IT admin time, improve printing reliability, and slash help-desk calls.

There’s never been a better time to re-evaluate your approach to printer management and find ways to save admin time, reduce infrastructure, and learn how others have cut help-desk calls by helping teachers and staff become more self-reliant.

In our survey, we heard many times that “it’s all about the kids,” and that printer issues can divert resources that should be focused on weightier initiatives. Our survey of K-12 IT managers like you identified five common problems, including print-server bottlenecks, time-wasting methods for driver updates, and simpler ways to facilitate Chromebook printing.

Solutions and time-savers are discussed for each problem area. This six-page white paper is a quick read, and features real-life examples and quotes from K-12 IT managers.

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