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Gone are the days of the all-Windows enterprise. Organizations of all sizes are empowering employees through BYOD policies that include the use of Mac workstations. The trend presents a series of printing challenges for IT.
IT has always struggled to support Mac in a PC-centric enterprise. Some solutions require add-ons to existing print environments that are difficult and often confusing to Mac users. PrinterLogic seamlessly delivers centralized print management regardless of the operating system and gives Mac users the simplicity of printer installation they require to keep them productive.

Centrally Managed Direct IP Printing

Mac prefers direct IP printing and PrinterLogic delivers. Centrally manage all printers from a single web-based administrative console to control and configure printers and printer settings for PC’s and Mac’s in your environment from a single pane of glass.

Self-Service Printer Installation Portal

Provide a single consistent printer installation portal across the entire enterprise that will deploy printers to Mac users with a single click. Users can easily install the nearest printer without calling the help desk or waiting for a ticket to be filled.

Floor Plan Maps

Optional floor plans make it even easier for Mac users to find and install the nearest printer, especially when they’re roaming. The floor plan map automatically opens to the appropriate map based on IT defined IP address ranges.

Automated Printer Deployment

Setup deployment assignments to provision printers on Macs throughout the enterprise using computer groups, IP address ranges and even Active Directory assignments.

Pull Printing

Release print jobs to any printer by enabling Mac users to print to a universal driver. Ensure the end user is standing in front of the printer when printing confidential documents by adding security features of Pull Printing.

With PrinterLogic, you can replace all the functionality that print servers used to provide, while adding many new features that simplify print management and provisioning, reduce costs, and empower users to install printers for themselves, without calling the help desk.
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