Better Output Management

Stop using different systems to manage print for front office and clinical files. Consolidate your print management with our end-to-end platform.

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Centralize and Simplify Your Print Management

We know how frustrating it can be to manage multiple print environments at once. Especially when you have less control over one than the other. And even more so when you can’t follow audit trails through for reporting. It can be a huge drain on your time and resources. PrinterLogic’s output management integrations make it easy to simplify control by managing systems from a single Admin Console while also reducing infrastructure and adding visibility in reporting.

Key Benefits of our Integrations


Centralized Management

Manage print administration for clinical and front office staff in one place.


Advanced Reporting

Get visibility into when, where, and how often users are printing.


Device Agnostic

Manage all devices and printers, regardless of make or model.


Everyone Can Print

Get access for all users to print, from clinic staff to visiting doctors.

Additional Benefits of Output Management

Print Security

With secure-release pull printing, documents won’t print until the initiator releases them at the desired printer via badge, QR codes, or login credentials.

Elimination of VPNs

With our secure Zero-Trust model and Off-Network Printing, expensive and complex VPNs are no longer necessary to enable printing from remote clinics or contracted parties.

Lowered Costs

Eliminate the need for multiple solutions and licenses per printer and unnecessary administrative servers, reducing costs, infrastructure, and management complexities.

Unified Print Management

Manage both clinical EMR and general office printing from a single pane of glass, even if your EMR is hosted.

User-level Reporting

See who printed what documents from your EMR, or from a user’s workstation, all in one place.

Integration with Imprivata

PrinterLogic integrates with Imprivata to extend the security benefits of SSO and MFA to your print environment, further securing PII and PHI.

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Make the Most of Your Systems

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Cerner sends the print job to PrinterLogic via LPD, enabling users to print via Off-Network or Pull Printing. The centralized interface gives administrators full control over drivers, queues, and servers.


PrinterLogic Customers See Real Results


of healthcare customers see 100% ROI or more from PrinterLogic software.


of PrinterLogic customers spend less time on print management.


of customers reduced print-related help desk calls by more than half.

Now that we use PrinterLogic, we can push one update and it will be automatically taken care of across all servers and printers. Our deployment time for new printers is incredibly fast—we just push once, and it’s done.”

— Craig Myers, Senior Technical Specialist, Ohio Health



Introducing PrinterLogic’s LPD Service

PrinterLogic’s new LPD Service leverages the universal line print remote (LPR) printing standard—the same one that Cerner’s own EHR system uses—to make everyday printing more efficient and reliable.

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