Printer and Driver Management

From an end user’s perspective, printing is easy—click Print and pick up the document at a nearby printer. What they don’t know is all that’s involved to make printing appear easy in enterprise environments where IT departments juggle hundreds of printers and thousands of workstations assigned to those printers across multiple locations.

Print management consumes time and resources for IT departments. Tracking and managing printer drivers for diversified fleets and then deploying them to varying operating systems is challenging. Organizations rely on error-prone GPOs to help with deployment, but this method doesn’t reach every operating system and requires extensive testing. Because printing is managed through print servers, all security updates, feature enhancements, and tasks (as simple as moving and renaming a printer) require IT to update any affected print servers and workstations with a script. Frustrations escalate when end users do not have the correct printers installed or visit other office locations and spend time on the phone with the help desk because they can’t figure out how to install the right printer.

This white paper demonstrates how Printer Installer simplifies printer and driver management by eliminating the print server and converting your environment to centrally managed direct IP printing. From a single browser window, administrators can use the Admin Console to manage all printer drivers, regardless of manufacturer, in the printer driver repository. Printer drivers and profiles can also be viewed by operating system, platforms, and more. Adding or updating a driver requires a few mouse clicks, and then any changes are automatically pushed out to the workstations. No more GPOs and scripts. Leveraging the Self-Service Portal, end users can install printers with one click, maintaining productivity while saving the company help desk expense.

Download the the white paper to discover how Printer Installer simplifies printer and driver management.

Printer Installer makes printing as easy as it should be—for end users and IT.
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