Printer Installer Version 16.1 Download Instructions

Click here to download the latest version.

Steps to Install Printer Installer 16.1

  • Download the update utility to your Printer Installer server.
  • Run the utility on the server.
  • Select Standard Install (if you want to do an advanced installation of Printer Installer we recommend you contact a support representative to assist you).
  • Select your desired backup option settings and click Install.

For additional information on how to install your new version of Printer Installer, click here to view our how to video.

16.1 New Features

  • Expanded Management Capabilities — IT admins can securely expand management capabilities to others in their organization.
  • Customized Role-Based Access — Organizations can use pre-defined roles to provide admin functions that match IT roles, or they can customize and create their own roles.
  • Role-Based Access By Location — Take role-based access a step further by enabling organizations to limit not only what different roles can do, but what effective rights the IT user has for specific groups of printers or locations. Roles can be assigned to Active Directory groups or users.
  • Print Job Costing — By associating costs with different print scenarios, PrinterLogic enables businesses to identify print trends and their effects on consumables and cost.
  • Automated Reports — The new PrinterLogic provides automated reports to share with department heads, IT managers, and executives and educate the organization on printing cost and usage.
  • Reduce Print Costs — Print job costing and automated reports provide the data businesses need to shape new printing policies, create efficient printer profiles and reduce costs throughout their organization.

16.1 New Features for Optional Modules

  • Pull Printing — Securely print from any workstation to any network printer via three release mechanisms: badge/card scanner, the printer’s embedded control panel or browser-based release. New features include:
    • Expanded Embedded Control Panel Support — The new version of Printer Installer expands the list of supported embedded control panels from major printer manufacturers.
    • Single Sign-On — Single sign-on unlocks both the printer’s control panel and the PrinterLogic release portal, simplifying the authentication process for the end user.
    • Enhanced Pull Printing — PrinterLogic further enhances Pull Printing to network printers without embedded control panels through Simple Badge Release by associating network-enabled badge readers with any network printer. Pull Printing support extends across Mac, Windows and Linux environments.
  • Mobile Printing — Gives mobile, BYOD and guest users the ability to print natively from their mobile device without the need for additional software or mobile specific printers, i.e., iOS, Google Cloud Print, etc.). Mobile Printing also includes Direct Email to Print that allows employees or contractors to simply email print jobs directly to printers without the need to give them network access.