Release Notes

Release Notes for: 15.1, 14.2, 14.1, 13.2, 13.1, 13.0

Minor release - - 05/25/2016 (Download Setup|Download Update)

  • Various fixes and improvements to the Control Panel App.
  • Fixed issue causing client crashing on print servers.
  • Fixed issue with email printing where certain file types would not be printed.
  • Fixed issue installing printers when driver caching is enabled.
  • Fixed issues with Active Directory on Mac computers.
  • Fixed issue with HP badge reader settings not saving properly.
  • Fixed issue where the "Supports Color" field of a printer is changed when changing drivers.

Minor release - - 04/19/2016

  • Updated PHP version to 5.6.20.
  • Fixed issue with filtering by printer name in the Print Job Records reports.
  • The "Delete Printer" button is no longer active when no printers are selected.
  • Improved accuracy of the "ICMP Ping Status" on the Status tab of printers.
  • Fixed issue with Chromebook App auto-login functionality.

Minor release - - 03/15/2016

  • Updated PHP version to 5.6.18.
  • Fixed issue with LPR printers on Macs.
  • Fixed issue with automatic portal login on Macs.

Minor release - - 02/15/2016

  • Improved the user experience to install the Google Chrome extension needed by the Printer Installer client. Also improved the user experience for installing the client in any browsers.
  • Added a new Windows client override to delay startup for any new instance of the client. "MinNewInstanceDelay", which replaces the existing "NewInstanceDelay", and "MaxNewInstanceDelay". See here for details on both overrides: /printer-installer/support/user-guide-15-1/administrator/overrides/
  • Corrected an issue that prevented Microsoft IPP printers on end-user workstations from being correctly converted to standard TCP/IP printers.
  • Altered "Set Default Printer" and "Delete Printer" dialog boxes in Windows Client to avoid moving the forms to the background in some rare XenApp application situations.
  • Corrected an issue that sometimes adds an extra period on the end of server names when importing printers from print servers as TCP/IP printers.
  • Corrected issue where adding spaces to a profile name would close the dialog.
  • Corrected an issue where WPSLs do not see printers that do not have 'print' rights assigned to the 'Everyone' group.
  • Adjusted timing of dropdown menus to be more user-friendly.

Minor release - - 01/21/2016

  • Added option to globally change the paper size used by email printing print jobs.
  • Reduced server CPU usage when SNMP alerts are enabled.
  • Improved Color/Monochrome job detection for USB printers
  • Added safeguard to prevent accidental un-publishing of WPSL printers during OS failures and node fail-overs.
  • Significantly improved support for custom paper sizes and custom form types in profiles for a variety of drivers. Also specifically added support for custom paper sizes on many Zebra wristband printers.
  • Improved Internet Explorer 11 support for admin console.
  • Improved driver upload support for Mac drivers.
  • Corrected an issue with the user not being logged out after a short time period when a machine is configured as a print job release station.
  • Corrected an issue preventing the client from downloading new drivers (usually seen as a "Stream Read Error" when installing a printer).
  • Corrected issue with portal security when logging into the portal manually.
  • Corrected an issue in terminal services mode that causes 12007 errors when restoring printers during initial user login.

Minor release - - 12/08/2015

  • The Mac client now supports driver caching.
  • Added the option to reset iOS user credentials after each print job instead of caching it on the device.
  • Added the ability to import/export queued items from the Microsoft printer import tool.
  • Added the ability to import/export print server migration links.
  • Fixed various Mac-related issues.
  • Various improvements to the Workstations report.
  • Fixed an issue where released print jobs might not report the correct page count.
  • Changed the application menu in the Portal from an icon to text.

Minor release - - 11/10/2015

  • Significantly improved efficiency of "Printer" print job records report and added 0 count printers.
  • Altered upgrade routines to allow DB structure changes on failover/read-only PI servers.
  • Added a warning to indicate a shortage of licenses and an easy way to fix the problem for unwanted features.
  • Corrected an issue preventing XML exports being opened in Excel.
  • Corrected an issue that prevented various reports from being sorted by date/time fields.
  • Changed functionality to hide the "Current user" button when the [Install Client] link has been disabled.
  • Fixed a problem where the OSX and Linux clients may try to upgrade too frequently if there was an error during the last upgrade attempt.

Minor release - - 10/16/2015

  • Reduced network traffic from LDAP lookups by over 50%.
  • Fixed issues with various Samsung drivers.
  • Fixed issue with exporting print job reports.
  • Fixed issue with printers not being restored on Citrix sessions due to Portal Security.
  • Reduced scrolling when collapsing folder nodes in large trees.
  • Fixed issue with releasing mobile print jobs from the mobile portal.

Minor release - - 10/09/2015

  • Fixed an issue with IIS configuration when installing or updating Printer Installer.
  • Fixed an issue preventing print job release from the admin console.
  • Fixed an issue with printer ACLs filling up on heavily-used Citrix servers.
  • Fixed a permissions issue for the interface.log file on Mac/Linux.

Minor release - - 10/02/2015

  • Unregister Badge button is now disabled if using AD to store RFID badge tokens.
  • Changed email printing functionality - Instead of merging the email body and attachments into a single print job they are each kept as separate print jobs.
  • Fixed issue with Data Manager import treating "0" as an empty string.
  • Changed Data Manager to export strings of numbers as strings instead of integers when exporting to the XML data type.
  • Added initial support for Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan).
  • Fixed issue on Mac client causing the tray icon to appear multiple times.
  • Fixed issue with Canon Mac driver upload.
  • Added option to require unique names for each printer.
  • Added localization for new client and Portal features.

Release Notes for 15.1 - September 2015 Major Release

New Features

  • Mobile, BYOD & Guest Printing: Print and release natively from iOS, Android or Chromebook and simple email to print from any device.
  • Control Panel App: Release print jobs from an MFP's console. Includes badge authentication.
  • Workstation Report: See the computers that have the Printer Installer client installed.
  • SNMP Alerts: Automatically email alerts when a printer issue is detected via SNMP.
  • Chrome Extension: Allows the Printer Installer Portal to function correctly on Chrome version 45 and newer.
  • Linux Client: Manage TCP/IP printers on Linux operating systems.
  • Windows 10 support: Manage printers on Windows 10 (does not yet include support for the Edge browser).
  • Support for profiles on Mac.
  • Added internal driver date and driver version fields to Driver / Profile Repository, and to exports from the Data Manager.
  • Added ability to export and import individual profiles.
  • Please note: This release does not include localization for new features. Localization will be available in an upcoming release soon.


  • Fixed issue that made portal security prevent automatic deployments of printers.
  • Fixed issue with the default printer not being saved and restored properly on Terminal Services / XenApp servers.
  • Fixed issue with the wrong IP address sometimes being detected on Terminal Services / XenApp servers.
  • Fixed several issues related to print job reporting.
  • Fixed issue with client installer causing an "EInOutError" during installation.
  • Fixed various minor issues with the portal and admin console.
  • Fixed "stream read error" issue related to cache folder permissions.
  • Improved performance and robustness of Mac client.

Minor release - - 06/10/2015

  • PHP 5.6 now installed and supported by Printer Installer.
  • Properly restricted access to print job release for non-manager users.
  • Pull printers are no longer shown in SNMP status reports.
  • Cosmetic updates to release portal.
  • Added ability to sort by column in the Release tab of printers and in the Release console page.
  • Added ability to deploy all printers in a folder and sub-folders to an IP address range.
  • Added ability to manage the above option in bulk using the Data Manager.
  • Added "Has Children" field to tree export in Data Manager.
  • Removed role-based restrictions to access of the Status tab of printers.
  • Fixed issue with periodic SNMP query of printers.
  • Fixed issue related to the PrinterLogic port monitor.
  • Fixed issue with releasing multiple release printing jobs at once.

Minor release - - 04/17/2015

  • Added prompt preventing users from deleting their default printer without choosing another default printer.
  • Changed task bar icon for Delete Printer and Set Default Printer dialog windows.
  • Fixed issue with default printer setting not being restored in VDI sessions.
  • Fixed issue with deleting drivers from the driver repository.

Minor release - - 04/06/2015

  • Improved client optimization, particularly for Epic EPS servers.

Minor release - - 04/03/2015

  • Added driver date and version columns to Driver / Profile Repository page.
  • Massive update to the Windows client, making it much more stable, and use fewer CPU resources. Note: A reboot may be required for the client to properly update.
  • Fixed bug when importing data using data manager. It would show "Upload PLP" no matter what format you are supposed to be uploading.

Minor release - - 03/26/2015

  • Fixed a problem where "side car" installers in drivers were not included with the package. (They only known driver with this issue is the Ricoh Universal 4.6+ driver.)

Minor release - - 03/24/2015

  • Added ability to export and import profile data, one profile at at time.
  • Fixed bug that was causing Printer Installer server clients to request new settings every 30 seconds instead of every 5 minutes.

Minor release - - 03/16/2015

  • Fixed bug introduced in preventing the admin console from loading.

Minor release - - 03/13/2015

  • Fixed bug introduced in preventing creation, modification, or application of profiles.

Minor release - - 03/13/2015

  • Added internal driver date and driver version fields to driver / profile exports from the Data Manager.
  • Added import / export for tree nodes - bulk folder creation; bulk deletion, movement, and renaming of any node type, as well as setting "Hidden" and "Use Inherited Security" on any node.
  • Added ability to manage Portal Security entries for any tree node via the Data Manager.
  • Improved behavior of RESTORE_USERPRINTERS_OVERRIDE=-1 to never mark a printer as "preexisting" in RDS mode.
  • Fixed bug with deleting deployment assignments via the Data Manager - if an error occurred it displayed the wrong message or no message at all.

Minor release - - 03/10/2015

  • Added registry override "NewInstanceDelay" for use with terminal servers to delay restoring printers based on registry keys. This is useful when the process that restores a user's registry to a TS session is slow.
  • Added registry override "disable_endpoint_detection" that tells the client to ignore the XenDesktop / ViewClient registry keys and act as if it is running on a normal desktop.
  • When deleting secure or pull printing jobs from a web interface, the jobs will be immediately removed from the web interface.
  • Corrected "The print server sent an invalid printer list" error when using the custom_cluster_name override.
  • Fixed default printer bug with restore_userinstalled_printers and viewclient_override overrides.

Minor release - - 02/28/2015

  • Corrected "Set Default Once" bug with deployment assignments.

Minor release - - 02/27/2015

  • Added registry override "cache_manager_location" to specify where the cache manager's cache folder is located (default C:\Program Files (x86)\Printer Properties Pro\Printer Installer Client\Cache)
  • Added registry override "restore_userinstalled_printers", which replaces "viewclient_override". See here for details: Client Override Options
  • Added a warning when a user enters a non-number into a custom printer number field.
  • Fixed cosmetic issues with Print Job Records report, mobile Release Portal, and Admin Console quick search bar.
  • Added "Printer Install URL" to Data Manager export of TCP/IP printers.
  • Fixed issue with client having a problem with one-word DNS domain names.
  • Fixed registry-related issue that could cause all deployed printers to be reinstalled and the default printer reset at every check in.

Minor release - - 02/10/2015

  • Mac: Replacing a driver with a newly uploaded driver is now supported.
  • Mac: Clicking the "Add Printers..." menu item will work correctly in the latest versions of OS X.
  • Mac: Fixed a bug where some Epson print drivers could not be uploaded.
  • Mac: Printer deployments based on Active Directory properties won't be removed because of intermittent problems doing LDAP queries.
  • Mac: Improved responsiveness when LDAP connections are going to fail.

Minor release - - 02/06/2015

  • Added ability for VDI clients to store and restore user-installed printers in the user's profile so they can roam to other servers and have their printers and default restored automatically.
  • Beta "badge management" menu has been hidden.
  • Added improvements to file-based write filter and enhanced write filter support.
  • Adjusted safeguards against removing printer deployments when AD is down. If the computer has never contacted AD, the safeguard is not enabled. This will improve functionality for computers that are not in a domain.
  • Added a cluster override key for non-standard print server clusters.
  • Improved SSL support for F5 failover.
  • Fixed a problem where paths weren't showing up for the Manager role in advanced search.
  • Held print jobs on a downed workstation are no longer displaying after 5 minutes.

Minor release - - 01/21/2015

  • Fixed bug where too many group memberships would prevent the portal page from loading when Enhanced Portal Security is enabled.
  • Fixed translation for "Printer installed successfully" that was always displaying in English.
  • Added new network check for client to wait 30 seconds after startup, or until the network is ready, whichever is sooner. Added two registry overrides: MinStartupDelay and MaxStartupDelay to override the default behavior.
  • Fixed bug when using remote desktop from the Printer Installer server to a terminal server, Citrix server, VMware View server, etc.
  • Added additional improvements to inter-process communication, to reduce the chance the the client will freeze up.

Minor release - - 01/06/2015

  • Removed "EasySet Profiles" from Konica Minolta driver profiles.
  • Added path info when calling Filter EXEs (in case the EXE uses "Current Working Path" instead of "Same Directory" when looking for files).
  • Profiles now include the print processor.
  • Fixed bug with "Konica Minolta SP" drivers that causes the user information from the admin making the profile to stick in the profile on end-user machines.
  • Fixed bug with exporting TCP/IP printers from Data Manager.

Minor release - - 12/30/2014

  • Fixed an error when exporting tcp/ip printers through data manager.
  • Fixed a problem with thumbs.db being included in installers.
  • Fixed a problem with unwanted files being included from cache folder.
  • Fixed a problem with unwanted files being included from various places that have a ~ in their extension.
  • Profiling printers now generates unique names based on date/time for printers.
  • Printers are now removed immediately after profiling is complete.
  • Corrected an issue with large result sets (e.g. > 100k records) not exporting correctly.

Minor release - - 12/10/2014

  • Fixed bug causing reprofiling after print job to not work, with a "Unable to obtain profile information" error in the log.
  • Fixed bug preventing reprofiling options in the Drivers / Profiles tab of printers from working.
  • Improved UI and functionality of creating and managing Pull Printing printers.
  • Pull Printing printers no longer have SNMP status and do not show up in printer error reports because it does not apply.
  • Fixed a bug where the last printers that a print job was released to were being shown when selecting the mobile Pull Printing printer and when creating release stations.
  • Custom fields can now be exported and imported through the Data Manager.
  • Added new option to define an executable file for a printer to apply to all print jobs sent to that printer (e.g. for watermarks).
  • Fixed a problem with the Print Job Records - Overview report where, in some cases, the numbers shown were being calculated incorrectly for date ranges less than a week or for those spanning multiple years.

Minor release - - 11/28/2014

  • Fixed bug for Sun LDAP server authentication that prevented admins from logging in with AD credentials.
  • Fixed bug with XML import/export that auto-detects numeric fields.
  • Fixed bug with release printing that caused no printers to show up when searching or browsing for printers to be released to.
  • Fixed bug that sometimes caused the update/add profile buttons on the Drivers / Profiles tab and in the Driver / Profile Repository to do nothing when clicked in IE 10.
  • Fixed bug that caused unpredictable behavior when adding a new TCP/IP printer while on the Drivers / Profiles tab of a printer.
  • Added button to upload a new driver to the Citrix OS section when adding a new TCP/IP printer.
  • Corrected INF parsing issue where comments on the driver version field in the INF file caused a "column too long" error when uploading the driver.
  • Modified communication between client processes to avoid spooler lockups.

Minor release - - 11/19/2014

  • Added client support for Mac OS X 10.10 "Yosemite". (Beta)
  • Updated Active Directory support to work with newer OS X versions.

Minor release - - 11/12/2014

  • Fixed issue that could cause a CPU spike on a Citrix server every 15 seconds.
  • Added support for the client to query against Read Only Domain Controllers.
  • Changed default "Set Default" setting from "Once" to "No" when checking the "Deploy all printers in folder" box in the Deploy tab of an IP Address Range object.
  • The client properly errors out when the client times out acquiring a profile from a cache location.

Minor release - - 11/03/2014

  • Fixed memory leaks in client.
  • Fixed problem that could cause the Client Settings page to fail to load, LDAP logins to fail, and other minor issues.
  • Fixed error referencing "C:\lmd.txt".

Release Notes for 14.2 - October 2014 Major Release

New Features

  • Added Release Printing module, consisting of Secure Printing and Pull Printing.
  • Added option to display client options on Portal.
  • Added DoD CAC login option for administrator console.
  • As a major efficiency enhancement, client check-ins no longer create a session in IIS.

Minor release - - 11/04/2014 (Download Setup|Download Update)

  • Fixed memory leaks in client.

Minor release - - 10/24/2014

  • Fixed bug that would cause a folder in C:\ to be renamed to Administration$ if someone had deleted the start menu options for Printer Installer.
  • Removed a "Class not registered" error when clicking "View Installed Printers" if it failed to switch the window to "Details" view.

Minor release - - 10/22/2014

  • Corrected a small memory leak on client check-in.

Minor release - - 10/10/2014

  • Fixed bug where the client would not detect changes in a computer's IP address without rebooting.

Minor release - - 10/07/2014

  • Changed redirection based on license file. Now if a user accesses the short form of a URL, the redirection will be to the long form of the URL instead of the first entry in the license file.
  • Fixed server-side issue that could prevent IE8 from displaying the Portal properly.
  • Fixed language translation for "[PRINTER] has been successfully installed" - it would previously show up in the wrong language.
  • Removed "Detected interfaces" log entries for
  • Fixed several issues with domain access, including a bug where only a single tree would be shown when selecting objects.
  • Fixed color vs. black & white and simplex vs. duplex graphs that were not properly displaying the data.
  • Fixed bug where two weeks would overlap in the weekly graphs in some cases.
  • Corrected icon for groups in Users page.

Minor release - - 09/03/2014

  • Changed behavior of re-profiling after print jobs.
  • Corrected re-profiling message to read "There is no profile for this printer" instead of an error about missing data.
  • Improved profile handling, particularly Konica Minolta.
  • Corrected issue with AD lookups in child domains that don't have access to the rest of the forest.
  • Added an "alwaysdelete" override. This tells the client that even if AD group memberships could not be determined, delete printers if the server says to do so.

Minor release - - 08/27/2014

  • Improved various aspects of the cache manager functions. Primary change of note is a significant reduction in logging when a cache location is inaccessible. Also increased interval between retry attempts for an offline cache location.
  • Improved Mac printer driver packaging, improving upload and installation of drivers.

Minor release - - 08/22/2014

  • Fixed PrinterInstallerConsole.exe to properly interpret command line arguments.

Minor release - - 07/11/2014

  • Improved robustness of communications between Mac client and server.

Minor release - - 06/30/2014

  • Added ability to add drivers to Citrix dropdown menu.
  • The admin console search bar is now hidden when in a fullscreen settings page.
  • Added sorting to profiles on the Drivers / Profiles tab.
  • Capture Printer Port option is no longer selectable when the client is in RDS mode.
  • Fixes to client update utility with regards to RDS mode.

Minor release - - 06/23/2014

  • Fixed error writing to C:\mytest.txt that may occur when launching the Microsoft Printer Import tool.
  • Reduced profile sizes.
  • Fixed various bugs that would cause error messages when attempting to profile printers, such as "Error expanding memory stream", "Access violation at...", or "Data missing".
  • Fixed bug with profile summary information sometimes not displaying properly.
  • Fixed bugs with Xerox global and Kyocera drivers where some settings may not be able to be unset by a profile.

Minor release - - 06/17/2014

  • Improved performance of printer and driver search routines.
  • Fixed Mac client bug where print job page counts were recorded as zero in limited circumstances.
  • Improved PrinterInstallerClientUpgrader.exe, which improves upgrading from 13.2 to 14.1.

Minor release - - 06/13/2014

  • Fixed bug where IP address range objects would not display the correct title in the Portal Security tab.
  • Fixed bug with removing item-level targeting items on the Client Settings page.
  • Changed Windows client to register the 32bit Active X control every time it starts.

Minor release - - 06/11/2014

  • Fixed bug where sometimes start menu items would be visible or not visible, opposing the global settings.
  • Fixed bug where non-English start menu items would not be removed on client uninstall.
  • Fixed Mac client issue that didn't allow a printer to be auto-managed if a driver wasn't specified for the client's OS.
  • Optimized Mac client LDAP queries.

Minor release - - 06/06/2014

  • Fixed bug where loading account settings during check-in takes 1.5 minutes for some users.
  • Fixed Novell migrations when using cache locations.
  • Fixed error parsing some driver INF files where % signs appear.

Minor release - - 06/02/2014

  • Fixed bug where error messages might be displayed in print job overview reports.
  • Added print job reporting to Mac client.
  • Added paper size support for Mac.
  • Improved support for bundling drivers on Mac.

Minor release - - 05/27/2014

  • Fixed issue where printers installed from the Portal in a Citrix session are not recreated when the user logs into a new session later.
  • Fixed a bug in the client that caused high CPU utilization when the log file is very large (20k+ lines).
  • Optimized printer enumeration by the client, resulting in faster check-in times, especially for computers with many printers installed.

Release Notes for 14.1 - May 2014 Major Release

New Features

  • Added client and portal support for the following languages: German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Thai.
  • Added option to deploy printers onto print servers as shared printers.
  • Added DPI to profile information view and advanced search.
  • Added AD Manager and AD Department to print job audit records.
  • Added print job reports for folder, user, manager, and department.
  • Added printing overview reports - Summary, By Week, By Hour, Application Usage, Job and Page Counts, Simplex/Duplex, B&W/Color, Paper Size.
  • Added option to export advanced search results table to CSV.
  • Added option to export printer status reports to CSV.
  • Improved driver package handling on Mac clients.
  • Updated PHP to version 5.3.28.

Issues Resolved

  • Fixed bug where the Save button doesn't work in the Client Settings page sometimes.
  • Fixed bug where making changes in a printer's Driver / Profile tab doesn't activate the Save button.
  • Fixed bug where creating a new profile immediately after creating or editing another profile would have the previous profile's settings instead of the driver defaults.
  • Fixed bug that caused printer install URLs to result in 404 errors.

Minor release - - 05/27/2014 (Download Setup|Download Update)

  • Fixed issue where printers installed from the Portal in a Citrix session are not recreated when the user logs into a new session later.
  • Fixed a bug in the client that caused high CPU utilization when the log file is very large (20k+ lines).

Minor release - - 05/19/2014

  • Fixed support for IE6 and IE7.
  • Fixed problems uploading drivers with the Mac client.
  • Additional SNMP-related bug fixes.

Minor release - - 05/14/2014

  • Fixed bug preventing clients running in Remote Desktop Services / Terminal Services mode from reporting print jobs.

Minor release - - 05/12/2014

  • Fixed bug where SNMP shows no values if the hostname doesn't have a value.

Minor release - - 05/09/2014

  • Active Directory object names no longer get truncated in the Administrator (in the Deploy tab, Portal Security tab, etc.)

Minor release - - 05/02/2014

  • Fixed bug that sometimes read information from the wrong user session in relation to XenApp Desktop Mode and XenDesktop.
  • Fixed bug in Printer Installer installer and updater that caused "Unable to verify path information" errors.

Minor release - - 04/29/2014

  • Fixed SNMP bug that caused monochrome printers to be detected as color.
  • Fixed bug where mobile print settings did not save on Windows shared printer objects.
  • Added missing audit records on mobile settings on shared printers.
  • Fixed bug in Driver / Profile Repository where expanding a driver did not show the associated profiles.
  • Changed Data Manager drop down menu item from "Parent Name" to "Node Name". This fixes an issue importing user rights via CSV.
  • Fixed issue in the Status tab for printers where the SNMP status is not displayed unless the Refresh button is pressed.
  • Clients on Citrix or Terminal Services now use the cache location for the server's IP address instead of the endpoint's IP address.

Minor release - - 04/01/2014

  • Added email printing support.
  • Added ability to use Data Manager with IP Address Range objects.
  • Added field to Data Manager with printers to set the printer as hidden or not hidden.
  • Added support for Portal Security to Mac client.
  • Added ability to copy printers.
  • Advanced search - administrators can now search on many more data types in the Administrator console's search bar.
  • Fixed bug relating to Citrix on Windows Server 2003.
  • Greatly improved printer matching in the client when the machine has 1000+ printers.
  • Added ability to hide or unhide multiple nodes at once in the Administrator.
  • Added support for XenDesktop.
  • Greatly improved performance of queue management feature.
  • Added color and duplex detection via SNMP.
  • Replaced "Printer Type" option in General tab with "Printer Capabilities" section, which includes duplex and color settings.

Minor release - - 03/18/2014

  • Fixed a bug where exporting printer deployment assignments never completes.

Minor release - - 03/16/2014

  • Fixed an error with inserting items using the Data Manager.

Minor release - - 03/12/2014

  • Fixed unnecessary 1-minute delay during client check-in.
  • Fixed bug where setting the shortcut key to "None" will still bring up the client console when the '8' key is pressed.
  • Fixed "-259 No more data is available" error.
  • Fixed bug in the administrative security tab of an object where adding all items would cause a blank entry to be added as well.

Minor release - - 03/02/2014

  • Fixed problem with command line options in client install msi.
  • Major performance improvements to cache manager.
  • Fixed bug with Mac systems not recognizing the client in Firefox.
  • Fixed bug on Mac clients when accessing Portal with Advanced Portal Security enabled - Mac systems not in AD would not display anything.

Minor release - - 02/09/2014

  • Fixed memory leak in Mac client.
  • Significantly improved cache manager when there are many disabled cache locations.

Minor release - - 02/07/2014

  • Fixed bug where some reports were not getting populated in IE.

Release Notes for 13.2 - February 2014 Major Release

New Features

  • Ability to monitor status of physical printers via SNMP.
  • Added report for all printers' SNMP status.
  • Mac OS X client.
  • Ability to reapply profiles at client check-in or after every print job.
  • Ability to deploy printers by computer hostname, including wildcards.
  • Data Manager can now import/export from XML files in addition to CSV files.
  • Data Manager can now manage drivers, profiles, and administrative user rights.
  • Added command-line method for installing printers.
  • Ability to create registry overrides for client settings.
  • Option to copy profiles.
  • Support for Windows Embedded write filters.
  • "View Installed Printers" option added to client.
  • New option that optimizes Printer Installer for Epic EPS print servers.
  • Ability to automatically manage printers with WSD ports, converting them to TCP/IP ports.
  • Ability to convert printers that print to a print server using HTTP ports to TCP/IP ports.
  • Improved sortable columns on print job audits page.
  • Added "Rename Printer" field to Data Manager CSV file export.
  • Removed client images from the Printer Installer Update (so end users can change the images without them getting overwritten).
  • Support for alternative LDAP types for logging into Administrator.
  • Larger printer icon images.
  • Printer icon images now scale with icon size.
  • Command line option to hide system tray icon and start menu items until printer conversions are enabled.

Issues Resolved

  • Improved support for importing printers from Windows print server clusters.
  • Fixed issue with "HP Standard TCP/IP Port" type not being read correctly by importer.
  • Fixed "The network address is not valid" error when installing printers imported from a 2003 server on XP machines.
  • Improved support for Xerox FX driver profiles.
  • Improved performance of LPT port capture routines.
  • Fixed issue with IP-based location awareness in Portal.
  • Fixed various Data Manager bugs.
  • Fixed bug relating to wrong subnet mask being reported, which could cause high CPU usage on Portal page load.
  • Fixed bug where Printer Installer client capture port icon does not show if the delete printer menu option is disabled.

Minor release - - 01/27/2014 (Download Setup|Download Update)

  • Fixed bug that caused the wrong menu options to appear in the start menu and system tray.
  • Fixed bug with renaming a folder in the Administrator.
  • Fixed bug with adding a printer via the context menu dialog.
  • Fixed bug with registry overrides.
  • Fixed issue on Firefox with no client installed causing repeated reload of the Portal page.
  • Improved performance in Driver / Profile Repository .
  • Improved performance with Javascript tables.
  • Fixed issue updating / importing printers (port protocol / port number).

Minor release - - 01/13/2014

  • Added support for 64-bit web browsers.
  • Added support for Internet Explorer 11.
  • Fixed bug with dangling IP address range records in the database.
  • Fixed bug where updating the client would appear to do nothing.
  • Added registry override options for all client settings.

Minor release - - 12/02/2013

  • Added option to remove all network printers when users log in to a terminal services session.

Minor release - - 11/15/2013

  • Fixed issue with computer lookup in child domains.
  • Improved how drivers are matched to existing drivers in Printer Installer database.
  • Fixed minor issues with CSV file export.

Minor release - - 11/05/2013

  • Fixed a problem with conversions of Microsoft shared printers on Citrix servers.
  • Current version of PHP installed: 5.3.15. Current version of MySQL installed: 5.5.16

Minor release - - 11/04/2013

  • Added ability to rename printers during printer update in data manager.
  • Faster node expansion when expanding computer nodes in the Microsoft import utility.

Minor release - - 11/01/2013

  • Significantly improved load time of Portal page with Advanced Portal Security enabled.
  • Significantly reduced time it takes to expand the User Specified Hosts node in the Microsoft import utility.

Minor release - - 10/29/2013

  • Improved portal page support for IE compatibility modes.
  • Improved support for vmware view client settings relating to domain lookup of endpoint name.
  • Fixed bug relating to Data Manager CSV file export/import error.

Minor release - - 10/20/2013

  • Fixed issue with incorrect time zone getting applied to print jobs in queue tab.
  • Added support for importing printers using an Equitrac port type.
  • Improved support for printer settings in profiles.

Minor release - - 10/09/2013

  • Added option to hide system tray icon when running the client in Remote Desktop Services mode.
  • Fixed a problem, with some drivers, determining the version number.

Minor release - - 10/04/2013

  • Fixed issue with Microsoft printer importer not properly assigning driver version information when uploading drivers.

Minor release - - 09/24/2013

  • Fixed Internet Explorer browser flickering caused when browser is not at 100% zoom and is in compatibility mode.
  • Fixed client interface launching processes with incorrect environment variables.
  • Fixed permissions issue for Windows\Temp folder causing buildup of PHP sess_ files, which could affect performance.

Minor release - - 09/09/2013

  • Corrected Per-Workstation printer connections bug.
  • Fixed print job audit records reporting bug for Windows Printer Server Links.
  • Fixed problem with shared printers jobs not showing in the Queue tab.

Minor release - - 09/04/2013

  • Skip entering credentials for exporting data from the Data Manager (although the information may be out of date).
  • Printers imported from a 2003 server (or 2008 R1) will install correctly.  The format of the drivers being imported was also improved.
  • Fixed a problem with LPR printers not being correctly matched to what is in the Printer Installer Administrator.
  • Fixed a problem when trying to deploy a printer to a VDI session when the endpoint client is a Mac.
  • Printers with a colon (":") in its name will now copy over correctly (before, it would drop the text before the colon).
  • Fixed bug preventing automatic conversion of network printers to TCP/IP printers in a small set of cases.
  • Fixed a problem where some print job reports were of size 0.

Release Notes for 13.1 - August 2013 Major Release

New Features

  • Queue Management: See and delete queued print jobs centrally.
  • Ability to set advanced profiles on Konica Minolta drivers.
  • Ability to see if print jobs were color or black & white.
  • Ability to import non-shared printers from Windows print servers to Direct IP.
  • Option to automatically place printers imported from Windows print servers into folders based on IP address.
  • Print job reporting for USB-attached printers.
  • Added support for VDI for VMware View clients.
  • Ability to import 64-bit drivers from 32-bit Windows 2003 servers and 32-bit drivers from 64-bit Windows 2003 servers.
  • Major improvements to CPU and memory usage in the Microsoft import utility.
  • Option to not automatically manage TCP/IP printers that match printers in PI.
  • Ability to redirect LPT ports to local TCP/IP printers for legacy applications.
  • Client stability improvements.
  • Citrix Universal Printer support.
  • Link to printer's internal web-management page.

Issues Resolved

  • Bug: Fixed issues with Ricoh driver profiles. (Server & Client)
  • Bug: Fixed issues with using auto-configuration with HP universal print driver profiles. (Server & Client)
  • Improved performance when installing network printers through the client. (Client)
  • Bug: Fixed error when attempting to resize columns in the import utilities. (Server)
  • Bug: Fixed numpad '.' key not working to change fields in an IP Address Range object. (Server)

Minor release - - 10/04/2013 (Download Setup | Download Update)

  • Fixed issue with Microsoft printer importer not properly assigning driver version information when uploading drivers.

Minor release - - 09/24/2013

  • Fixed Internet Explorer browser flickering caused when browser is not at 100% zoom and is in compatibility mode.
  • Fixed client interface launching processes with incorrect environment variables.

Minor release - - 09/09/2013

  • Corrected Per-Workstation printer connections bug

Minor release - - 09/04/2013

  • Printers with a colon (":") in their name, will now copy over correctly (before, it would drop the text before the colon).
  • Fixed bug preventing automatic conversion of network printers to TCP/IP printers in a small set of cases.
  • Fixed a problem where some print job reports were of size 0.

Minor release - - 07/03/2013

  • Stopped out-of-date profiles from being applied to printers when that profile is edited.

Minor release - - 06/20/2013

  • Increased retry interval after failure to submit print job record to server.

Minor release - - 06/03/2013

  • Fixed issues related to Remote Desktop Services mode and caching on non-English operating systems.
  • Fixed issue where CSV files of exported print jobs did not include column titles.

Minor release - - 04/19/2013

  • Adjusted Terminal Services behavior so that user-selected default printers do not override server-specified default printers when changing end-point devices.

Minor release - - 04/18/2013

  • Fixed issues related to memory usage in Microsoft Printer Import utility.
  • Minor improvements to CPU utilization.

Minor release - - 04/11/2013

  • Fixed issue with the Printer Installer client in Terminal Services resulting in "Interactive Service" error.

Minor release - - 04/10/2013

  • Fixed bug where clicking on the Printer Installer client icon sometimes did not open the default browser.
  • Fixed uncommon memory leak issue.

Minor release - - 04/02/2013

  • Improved support for non-English localization.
  • Fixed bug displaying error "\\\$admin could not be created".
  • Fixed dialog box in migrator tool sometimes opening up behind migrator window.

Minor release - - 03/15/2013

  • Improved Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 support.

Minor release - - 03/12/2013

  • Fixed an issue with print jobs timestamps sometimes being displayed incorrectly on the Print Job Records page.
  • Increased maximum number of stored print job records.
  • Fixed bug with importing certain iPrint printers with profiles.

Release Notes for 13.0 - March 2013 Major Release

New Features

  • Advanced Portal Security (multi-tenancy): Ability to show / hide items on portal according to Active Directory user, computer, group, OU, container, or IP address range membership.
  • Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 support.
  • Ability to insert, update, delete, or view direct IP printers using a URL.
  • Ability to mass insert, update, delete, or export Windows shared or TCP/IP printer deployment assignments using a CSV file.
  • Ability to link Windows shared printers to existing printers in Printer Installer.
  • Ability to link Novell NDPS or iPrint printers to existing printers in Printer Installer.
  • Ability to remotely cause the Printer Installer Client to refresh using "PrinterInstallerClient.exe refresh silent".
  • Ability to set item level targeting for automatic client upgrade feature.
  • Ability to set item level targeting for Microsoft printer conversions.
  • Ability to set item level targeting for Novell printer conversions.
  • Ability to sort the "Printer Use Report" results.
  • Added "Set default printer..." option to the right click menu of the system tray icon.
  • Ability to search print job audit records using "*" as a wildcard character

Issues Resolved

  • Bug: The replace driver function in the driver repository doesn't always allow the driver to be replaced. (Server)
  • Bug: The delete driver function in the driver repository doesn't always allow the driver to be deleted. (Server)
  • Bug: Portal security with OU or other containers was not working correctly. (Server)
  • Bug: Print job audit records may show incorrect timezone. (Server / Client)
  • Bug: The deployer role would not always allow removal of deployment assignments. (Server)
  • Bug: When changing a Windows printer port the change is not detected by the WPSL until a manual refresh of the client is performed. (Client)
  • Bug: When deleting per-workstation printers the printer is not deleted properly with 64-bit OS's. (Server)
  • Bug: When the client converts a Windows shared printer and renames it, the default printer was not being set. (Client)
  • Bug: When searching print job audit records with more than 5 million records, the results don't always return before the page times out. (Server)
  • Corrected "Install URL" links.
  • Minor cosmetic issues.

Release Notes for 5.2 - June 2012 Release

New Features

  • Ability to assign administration roles to users accessing the Printer Installer Administrator that limit permissions. Roles: root, administrator, manager, or deployer.
  • Ability to login to the administrator using AD user authentication.
  • Ability to view administrative audit records that show who changed something and what was changed in the Printer Installer Administrator
  • Ability to select multiple objects to delete or move.
  • Ability to set a secondary Printer Installer install as read only to allow for redundancy.
  • Separate "cache redirection" and "sync cache location" options to allow the synchronization option to be disabled while the redirection option is enabled.
  • Ability to have the client check-in every x minutes.
  • Ability to disable CTRL + SHIFT + 8 option that launches the client console and select another combination.
  • Ability to have user name be something other than an email address.
  • Ability to set multiple LDAP servers for AD authentication access to the Administrator.
  • Ability to require https or http when accessing the Printer Installer Administrator and Portal.
  • Ability to use small, medium or large printer or folder icons on maps.
  • Ability to specify if a printer is a color printer and have it show a color printer icon on the portal map or list view.
  • Ability to remove the driver model column from the portal.
  • Ability to call "PrinterInstallerClient.exe refresh" to cause the client to refresh.
  • Ability to import 64-bit drivers when importing Novell iPrint or NDPS printers.
Issues Resolved
  • Printer driver update / change enhancements
  • When the client changes a direct printer’s driver to a driver with a different name it will now clear the printer settings stored in the users profile so that the settings are not applied to the new driver causing odd printer preferences settings.
  • Better management of non-managed local printers.
  • When the client manages an non-managed local printer and changes the name of the printer, the user’s default printer will be set to the new printer name. Before this fix the user’s default printer would be set to the last printer in the list of printers.
  • Deployments to IP address range objects that only contain less than 3 IP addresses didn't deploy the printer.
  • When the client changes an end user's printer driver and it has a new print processor, it will now change the print processor.
  • 500 errors are reported in the client log when checking in with the Printer Installer server causing the client to not be able to check-in.
  • When migrating iPrint printers from OES iPrint server the migrator can't find needed files because they have no time stamp.
  • Uploading driver files larger than 250MB caused an error. Set new limit of 500MB.
  • Map image downloads were requiring php resources. They are now downloaded from the cache folder using http.
  • When end user printers are renamed by the client they will now keep the printer device settings and preferences.
  • Printers will not be removed if the computer is unable to contact a domain controller during login.
  • Various other fixes and cosmetic changes.

Release Notes for 5.1 - December 2011 Release

New Features

  • Ability to copy iPrint printers to Windows print servers and convert end user’s existing iPrint printers to Windows network printers.
  • Ability to list Windows shared queues from a Windows clustered print server resource.
  • Ability to include iPrint profiles when migrating iPrint printers to direct IP printers.
  • Ability to import / copy Window shared queues to direct IP printers and convert end user’s existing Windows network printers into Printer Installer managed direct IP printers.
  • Ability to automatically deploy printers by OU membership

Issues Resolved

  • Changes to the comment or location of a shared printer didn't get sync'd to the Printer Installer Administrator.

Release Notes for November 2011 Release

New Features

  • DNSNAME Override: Ability to have the client convert iPrint printers that have a manager using the /dnsname switch. See the configipp_server_overrides.dat file for more information.
  • Improved client logging: The client will now create a new log for each login and keep the old log. This helps with troubleshooting client issues.
  • Profile sync: Ability to configure if new profiles are propagated to end user printers. The new option is in the Tools > General > Settings page.
  • iPrint per-user to direct IP conversion: Added support for converting end user iPrint per-user printers to direct IP printers.
  • Printer portal icon: Changed the printer portal icon to contrast more with black & white floor maps.

Issues Resolved

  • Two spaces in a direct IP printer name causes an error when installing the printer from the portal
  • WPSL sync didn’t publish a printer that was marked as shared if it was shared after the initial printer creation.
  • LPR byte counting was not being enabled on end user computers.