Portal Settings

The Printer Install Portal is a Web page that end users visit to self-install Windows shared or TCP/IP printers.

The following options are configurable and determine the behavior of the Portal when end users visit the page:

Problem this option solves:
If your printers are in different subnets than end user computers (making it so you cannot use the “Enable Printers Near me: Printer IP Based” option), you can create subnet objects with IP ranges of the users in a location, and then place the subnet object in a folder in the tree with the printer objects that are near the end user. When the end user opens the Printer Install Portal, it will open the parent folder of the subnet object that contains the end user’s IP address.

  1. Replace the "company_logo.png" file in the <PrinterInstallerWebsiteRootFolder>portal folder with your own company_logo.png file.
  2. Set the Header Height value to the height that looks best for your logo image.

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