System Requirements

Printer Installer Migration System Requirements

  • Source Print System: Novell NDPS, iPrint or Legacy Queue: Any version
  • Source Server: All versions of Netware and OES
  • Target Operating System: 2000 and up (including Windows 8/2012)
  • Migration Host Machine: 2000/XP w/Novell Client and joined to the target AD domain.
  • Rights Needed to Migrate Printers:
    • Administrator rights in eDirectory (note: Manager role rights to related Brokers, managers, and printers in eDirectory is not sufficient).
    • Administrator rights on the workstation used to perform the migration.
    • Administrator rights to target server in Active Directory
  • Rights Needed to Remap End User Printers:
    • No rights required. Because the Printer Installer Client is installed as a service, it has rights to convert the users printers regardless of the rights of the logged on user.