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Set Default Context for Migrator:
Sets the default context for eDirectory and Active Directory when Printer Migrator opens.

Refresh Active Directory Printers Now:
Used to refresh the Active Directory printer listing, particularly useful after new printer migrations.

Refresh Novell IPP port information:
Refreshes the IPP port url values for iPrint printers.

PPPClient_Options - Settings

Global Tab

Show Client Window on Workstations
Shows the log window to the end-user when running PPPClient. This is used mainly for troubleshooting.

Enable Detailed Logging of Client Activities
Enables the PPPClient.exe to log to the workingdirectory/mem/logs/ folder all activities of the PPPClient.exe, including workstation name, user name, printers installation success/failure, etc.

Use Short Printer Names When Possible
This setting is for Migrator / Mover / Converter Only. If checked the printers will be installed on the end user machine in "short" format instead of the full server name.
With it checked: printer on server
Without it checked: printer on

Start-up Delay
Time that PPPClient waits after being started before it begins to configure printers and make other changes.

Wait Time After Printer Changes
When a new printer is installed, PPPClient will notice the change and run again to configure the new printer. Adjust this time as necessary to allow the printer to finish installing completely before PPPClient attempts to make changes.

Check for Changes
PPPClient will check for changes to the configuration files and will apply the new changes. For example: If you have the it set to 10 minutes and the change "use short printer names when possible" setting, PPPClient will know the change has been made in 10 minutes and start using short names.

* The default of "0" means the PPPClient will run at login and exit.

Distribute PPPClient Package
Use this tool to send PPPClient and all necessary files to remote locations so they can run the client from a local server.

Migrator Tab

Pause clients from migrating printers
Makes the client stop migrating end-user printers to new printer locations.

Delete converted printers on end user workstations
Tells the client to delete the old, end-user printer after migrating to new printer.

Change default printer after migrating existing default printer
Tells the client to make new Active Directory printer default, after migrating old eDirectory default printer.

Convert iPrint printers
When turned off, the iPrint printers will not be converted

Migrate Captured Printer Ports to New Printers
If LPT ports are associated with the source printer they will be remapped to the new target printer.

Enable Gathering of Novell printer drivers from clients (Legacy Queue)
Only use this option if migrating legacy Netware queue printers (IPX based).   Contact support for more information.

Prevent Gatherer from gathering network addresses (Legacy Queue)
Tells the PPPGatherer.exe to not ping the local network. This pinging helps resolve IPX print server addresses to IP addresses. Only used for migrating legacy Netware queue objects.

Prevent Gatherer from gathering queue printer drivers (Legacy Queue)
Tells PPPGatherer.exe to not gather the drivers from end user machines. You will need to right click on the printers in the migration queue and select "Specify driver" if this option is not used in PPPGatherer.exe. Also PPP Migrator will not know the driver model of the queue to help you in report mode to see the driver models of the printers. This option only applies to migrating legacy Netware queue printers.

Show gatherer window on workstation (Legacy Queue)
If this option is checked PPPClient.exe will show a log window when it is ran. Very annoying to the help desk but usefull in troubleshooting. You can also simply use the command line option nominimize to show the log window when running PPPClient.exe. serverfolderpppclient.exe nominimize

When Converting printer on end user workstations create:
Global Printers or User Printers - If the user running pppclient has rights a global printer will be installed else a user printer will be installed. Global printer note: Global printers make it so every user that logs into the computer will get the printer.
Global Printers Only - PPPClient will attempt to install a global printer and show error in log if it fails. Global printer note: Global printers make it so every user that logs into the computer will get the printer.
User Printers Only - PPPClient will only install user printers.

Profiler, Mover, Converter, Tabs - See associated product user guide for explanation of option in these tabs.

Admin Options

Automatically Prompt When User Intervention is Required
Stops queue and prompts user when intervention is required. When turned on, queue continues with other printers and adds a notice in the queue window.

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